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So you’ve heard how successful our teams were at the Fullerton Competition.

You’ve seen the pictures of all of our winners.

But have you heard them play?

Have you heard seven circle of winners, and three grand prize winners, whom are all playing ensemble pieces of two or more pianists?!

If you haven’t, then you must come join us at the Chopin Performance Hall next Saturday at 5 PM on March 14th. Admission is FREE and they will be performing just for you! Mark up your calendars and come 30 minutes before the show because seats will fill out quick.

Year after year, The “LCP Ensemble Concerts” showcases some of the most fantastic and spectacular talent that our students have to offer. This is a concert you DO NOT want to miss out on!

Please call (714) 636 – 0836 for more details. Our address is : 10872 Westminster Ave, Garden Grove, CA 92843


The 7 LCP teams... Assemble!

The 7 LCP teams… Assemble!

We’ve sent 7 talented teams to the “20
th Fullerton College Piano Ensemble Festival” last Saturday on the 21st of February. Just like last year in 2014, we’ve managed to successfully place in all seven teams. Not only this, but three of our teams won the grand prize! The Grand Prize includes a trophy with a cash prize!

Did I mention that the Advanced and Early intermediate Category ONLY had Little Chopin Students who won?! That’s incredible! We completely stole the stage in those two categories! 

 We at Little Chopin are PROUD to present all the winning students. It is thanks to their hard work, our talented staff, and the support from their parents. Without them, we couldn’t have done it. Here they are!

In the Advanced category:

Grand Prize Winners – Thinh Le and Mayvera Doan 
Circle of Winner – Ân Hoàng and Alina Tu Trinh

Thinh Le and Mayvera Doaran with their teacher Hisako Michishita!

Thinh Le and Mayvera Doaran with their teacher Hisako Michishita!

In the Late Intermediate category:
Grand Prize Winners – Andrew Luu and Charisse Vu

Andrew Luu and Charisse Vu with their teachers Melody Chiang

Andrew Luu and Charisse Vu with their teachers Melody Chiang

In the Early Intermediate Category:
Grand Prize Winners - Ashley Dixon and Jessie Nguyen
Circle of Winners – Katelyn Trieu and Nicole Trieu
Circle of Winners – Rose Bui-Luu and Grace Bui-Luu
Circle of Winners - D’Jay Vu and Rachel Vu 

Jessie Nguyen, Ashley Dixon, Katelyn and Nicole Trieu, Rose and Grace Bui-Luu, D'Jay Vu, and Rachel Vu

Jessie Nguyen, Ashley Dixon, Katelyn and Nicole Trieu, Rose and Grace Bui-Luu, D’Jay Vu, and Rachel Vu


The work that these people have shown is phenomenal. Keep the legacy running all of you! Little Chopin is looking for more sucessful years to come!

We’ve opened the workshop sign-up form for the upcoming CM preparations on February 22nd. These workshops are for CM participants only.



It was a full house today! What a fantastic event! So many people attended, people laughed, cried, and cheered! Thank you so much our fabulous musicians, our hard working staff (Master of Ceremonies, video editors, sounds and lights technician, camera operator, door monitor, it goes on and on!) and Drew Tretick! Most of all, thank you for all of you who were able to attend. It was free of charge, so it was not one to miss!

The pictures taken during the concert will be uploaded in the following weeks. Stay tuned! (-: Little Chopin out!

A peek into the editting of Aldric Gozon's Video.

A peek into the editting of Aldric Gozon’s Video.

Do you want to hear five fantastic pianists and a world class violinist? All in one show?
Join us at the Chopin Performing Arts Center!

We will be featuring five of our super talented pianists who competed in the Biannual Los Angeles International Liszt Competition in late 2014. They are Celine Tseng, Megan Pham, Hong-An Hoang, Susan Le, and ALDRIC GOZON who placed first in his division. We will also be featuring DREW TRETICK, a world class violinist who has performed in Europe, Asian, Canada, and throughout the United States. He has also been featured on PBS and has released multiple of albums. Attendance is FREE OF CHARGE and will be on Sunday February 8th, 2015 at 10872 Westminster Avenue, Garden Grove, CA 92843.
Please call (714) 636-0836 for more information

Our playlist consists of :
“Over the Rainbow” – Harold Arlen – Drew Tretick
“Nocturne in C# Minor” – Chopin – Alric Gozon and Drew Tretick
“Au Bord D’Une Source” – Liszt – Megan Pham
“Salut d’amour (Love’s Greeting) Op.12″ – Elgar – Celine Tseng and Drew Tretick
“Sonetto 104 del Petraca” – Liszt – Hong-An Hoang
“Phantom of the Opera” – Andrew Lloyd Webber – Drew Tretick
“Paganini Etude No. 6″ – Liszt – Celine Tseng
“Serenade” – Schubert – Susan Le and Drew Tretick
“Polonaise No. 1″ – Liszt – Aldric Gozon
“Preludium and Allegro” – Kreisler – Hong-An Hoang and Drew Tretick
“Schindler’s List” – John Williams – Drew Tretick
“Concerto in F minor, Opus 21- Maestoso” – Chopin – Aldric Gozon
“Let it Go” – Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez – Drew Tretick
“Ragtime Alla Turca” – Mozart arrg. Greg Anderson – Celine Tseng and Aldric Gozon
“Time to Say Goodbye” – Sartori – Drew Tretick

Visit our website at: http://littlechopin.org/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Little-Chopin-Piano-School/116143801776236

The songs we have on this list will blow you away!
This Sunday at 4PM we will be featuring musicians who will perform Andrew Lloyd’s “Phantom of the Opera,” John’s William‘s “Schindler’s List,” Satori’sIt’s Time to say Goodbye“, Arlen’sOver the Rainbow,” Let it Go“, Chopin’s Nocturne and Concerto, Mozart, Elgar, Liszt, and a whole lot of AWESOMENESS! A concert of this magnitude is unheard of in the history of Little Chopin! If you’re not coming to the International Competitor’s Concert, then you are missing out!

Aldric and Drew!

Aldric and Drew!

It is at 4 PM in the Performing Arts Center at 10872 Westminster Avenue, Garden Grove, CA 92843. Call: (714) 636-0836 for more details.

Are you excited? The International Competitor’s Concert is THIS week on February 8th at 4PM. We are featuring five of our very talented pianists whom participated in the Biannual International LIzst Competition. Among one of them is Aldric Gozon who placed FIRST in his division. We also have a guest performer DREW TRETICK, a world known violinist who will be performing his pieces too! SAVE THE DATE NOW!

Are you hyped up for this concert?! You should be!

On Sunday, February 8th at 4 PM, we will be featuring five of our International Competitors: 1st Place Winner Aldric Gozon, with Celine Tseng, Megan Pham, Hong-An Hoang, and Francis Le. These are the five very hard working and talented students who competed in the Los Angelas Franz Liszt International Competition that took place last November. We also will have a very exciting guest performance.

Please welcome to the stage, Drew Tretick! Drew Tretick is an amazing violin virtuoso known throughout the world. He graduated from the Julliard School of Music and has performed with the London Symphony Orchestra and Andrea Bocelli. He has recorded for cinema, and the Olympic Champions On Ice. He has traveled and performed in Asia, Canada, Europe, and throughout the United States. And now he is coming to Little Chopin! You may read up more on his bio and his official website is here.

See his performance of “It’s Time to Say Goodbye” on PBS television below:

He will be performing several pieces with Aldric Gozon as well as his own set of repertoire. We’ll see you there! This is one event NOT to miss!