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We’ve posted the National Guild results for 2014.

Here’s the breakdown:

Superior Plus : 32% ( A+ equivalent )
Superior : 56% ( A equivalent)
Superior Minus: 10% ( A- equivalent)
Excellent Plus: 2% ( B+ equivalent)

Congratulations everybody!

How To Calculate Your Pupils Current Rating in Guild Auditions:

The numbers of C and A Checks on a pupil’s report card will determine his/her current years rating in the National Piano Playing Auditions, as follows:

Family Circle Current Rating

means the pupil’s preparation shows he/she is not yet ready to appear in public, but that they should find pleasure in playing the piano daily, trying always to improve their technical facilities as the golfer does his/her stroke so as to be able to please a wider audience, outside his/her family group; More A than C Checks. Fair.

Room Circle Current Rating

means the pupil’s preparation shows he/she is prepared to appear before his fellows in his room at school, who, being held for the most part, unaccomplished in music, are therefore not critical; 1 to 6 more C’s than A’s. Good to Good Plus.

School Circle Current Rating

means the pupil’s preparation shows he is prepared to the extent that he could creditably represent his school or club in a musical program at his school. 7 to 10 more C’s than A’s. Excellent to Excellent Plus.

Citywide Circle Current Rating

means the pupil’s preparation shows his/her playing sufficiently polished or outstanding to make him a possible selectee to represent his school in a citywide or countywide concert. 11 to 27 more C’s than A’s. Excellent Plus to Superior.

Top-Talent Circle Current Rating

means the pupil’s preparation shows he/she is adequately equipped musically and technically to appear before any audience anywhere, even though newspaper critics may be in the audience to herald his/her faults and virtues to the world. 28 (or more) more C’s than A’s. Superior Plus.

We’ve added some media from our recent Asian Composers recital. You’ll find 13 new videos in the 2014 Videos album and 10 new photos in the 2014 Photos album.

The workshop sign-up form has been opened for the upcoming Halloween performance evaluations on October 25th and 26th. Please remember to wear your costume!

Last Night!


Were YOU there at the Asian Composer Recital?!

It was a great success! Seats were overflowing with people and the program flowed smoothly along; parents were deeply engaged and excitement hummed throughout the room. Special to today were singers Thanh Trúc from Asia Entertainment and Ninh Cát Loan Châu from Paris by Night . Aldric Gozon composes his own five page piece and more student vocalists like Kassandra and Katrina Tran have stepped onto the stage. Combined with the grand collection of Asian music (mostly Vietnamese), the professional work offered by our staff, door managers, and technicians, this recital was one not to miss!

The schedule for the Asian Composers Recital has been posted. We’re still making some last minute changes, and will let you know when everything has been finalized.

Update: The schedule has been finalized. Thank you for your patience!

32 new videos have been posted in the 2014 Videos album.

Little Chopin Piano School is updating its website! We will now post pictures of our award winning students. Please check the list to see if your child’s picture is there. At the bottom is a list of the students of whom we do not have pictures of.


If not, submit a picture fulfilling the requirements below to Tedmann@uci.edu:

1. Good profile shot of torso and up.

2. You should be wearing respectable clothes

3. Make sure you’re holding a trophy or two, maybe a medal.

4. You can have a shot with your teacher as well, but make sure that when we do crop it, we won’t be cutting off someone’s face.


Look for examples on our awards page!

Here are the student’s names:

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