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We’ve added some media from our recent Asian Composers recital. You’ll find 13 new videos in the 2014 Videos album and 10 new photos in the 2014 Photos album.

The workshop sign-up form has been opened for the upcoming Halloween performance evaluations on October 25th and 26th. Please remember to wear your costume!

Last Night!


Were YOU there at the Asian Composer Recital?!

It was a great success! Seats were overflowing with people and the program flowed smoothly along; parents were deeply engaged and excitement hummed throughout the room. Special to today were singers Thanh Trúc from Asia Entertainment and Ninh Cát Loan Châu from Paris by Night . Aldric Gozon composes his own five page piece and more student vocalists like Kassandra and Katrina Tran have stepped onto the stage. Combined with the grand collection of Asian music (mostly Vietnamese), the professional work offered by our staff, door managers, and technicians, this recital was one not to miss!

The schedule for the Asian Composers Recital has been posted. We’re still making some last minute changes, and will let you know when everything has been finalized.

Update: The schedule has been finalized. Thank you for your patience!

32 new videos have been posted in the 2014 Videos album.

Little Chopin Piano School is updating its website! We will now post pictures of our award winning students. Please check the list to see if your child’s picture is there. At the bottom is a list of the students of whom we do not have pictures of.


If not, submit a picture fulfilling the requirements below to Tedmann@uci.edu:

1. Good profile shot of torso and up.

2. You should be wearing respectable clothes

3. Make sure you’re holding a trophy or two, maybe a medal.

4. You can have a shot with your teacher as well, but make sure that when we do crop it, we won’t be cutting off someone’s face.


Look for examples on our awards page!

Here are the student’s names:

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Ready or not… Within a little more than a day’s gap between the start of the National Guild Auditions, I’m sure all of you are jittery and nervous. Some of you are veterans down for another fight, while others simply don’t know what to expect. Either way, here are some tips that you might find helpful during the actual day.


  1. Wake up and dress accordingly
    Remember be classy and professional. Men—shirts tucked in, suits, nice shoes, not too colorful tie, smart belt. Women—keep your dresses long and below the knees (when you sit down). Tie your hair back and don’t wear heels (difficult to pedal with, unless you’re too cool for this).
  2. Play through your songs and technic in the morning.
    Make sure you can perform in your new clothes. Warm up your fingers with some pieces and their problem areas. If you make a mistake don’t beat yourself up for it. Be calm, be cool. Oh run your hands under warm water to get blood flowing!
  3. Arrive early! Half an hour—one hour! Early is the new on time!
    There are no make ups and if you run late you will be stressed. Don’t expect to be provided with practice rooms.
  4. Formality with the Judge—Greetings 
    When you meet your judge make sure you say hello and smile. You’re friendly, they’re doing you a privilege by listening to you. Be happy and welcoming.
  5. Technique—Accuracy, Clarity, Memory
    Make sure your hands together, are in sync in your scales and arpeggios. Make it consistent and clear. After all your technique shows how skilled you are in performing certain standards. Dynamics are not nearly as important as accuracy and clarity and memory.
  6. Performing—Dynamics, Tempo, Accuracy
    Deep breath! Calm yourself. Make sure to stay on tempo, show your dynamic contrast, and to try to play as accurate as you can. If you do make a mistake, keep going! It looks better, shows that you know how to recover, and the judge might not even notice it! When you’re done, take a deep breath and relax your hands on your lap. Remember, your back should be straight for the most part.
  7. If you happen to forget, make huge mistakes…Skip to the end
    Take a deep breath and try to get as far as you can. If you can’t, pick up on where you do know and keep going. If you absolutely have to, skip to somewhere near the ending and play the last few chords. Always remember the ending, it is better than nothing.
  8. Concluding remarks!
    You’re done now! Make sure the judge is done with writing his/her notes and sit patiently. He/she will tell you when to start the next piece or that you’re done. Thank the judge sincerely.