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Are you hyped up for this concert?! You should be!

On Sunday, February 8th at 4 PM, we will be featuring five of our International Competitors: 1st Place Winner Aldric Gozon, with Celine Tseng, Megan Pham, Hong-An Hoang, and Francis Le. These are the five very hard working and talented students who competed in the Los Angelas Franz Liszt International Competition that took place last November. We also will have a very exciting guest performance.

Please welcome to the stage, Drew Tretick! Drew Tretick is an amazing violin virtuoso known throughout the world. He graduated from the Julliard School of Music and has performed with the London Symphony Orchestra and Andrea Bocelli. He has recorded for cinema, and the Olympic Champions On Ice. He has traveled and performed in Asia, Canada, Europe, and throughout the United States. And now he is coming to Little Chopin! You may read up more on his bio and his official website is here.

See his performance of “It’s Time to Say Goodbye” on PBS television below:

He will be performing several pieces with Aldric Gozon as well as his own set of repertoire. We’ll see you there! This is one event NOT to miss! 



Last November, a few of our top students competed in Division 2 (for ages 13-14) the 13th Biennial Los Angeles International Liszt Competition. Out of 37 spectacular and highly talented prodigies, there was one student who emerged victorious above them all. Not only did he receive 1st place, but he was invited to perform in Paris by Professor Adam Wibrowski, an internationally acclaimed piano educator from Paris Conservatory, and offered a sponsorship to The Liszt Academy in Budapest, Hungary, where Maestro Franz Liszt came from.

Give it up for, ALDRIC GOZON.

grafic for aldric editted

Taken from the Christmas Recital Booklet

To view his performance during the concert, click here:


Here are the profiles of the judges for this year’s Los Angeles International Liszt Competition, paraphrased from the Los Angeles International Liszt Competition pamphlet.  Here are also some fan made images of Aldric! He is so COOL!!!

Aldric with three judges. From left to right: Professor Adam Wibrowski (Paris Conservatory), Professor Edward Rath (University of Illinois School of Music) and Professor Gila Goldstein (Boston University).

Aldric with three judges. From left to right: Professor Adam Wibrowski (Paris Conservatory), Professor Edward Rath (University of Illinois School of Music) and Professor Gila Goldstein (Boston University).

Eugene Alcalay has a Ph.D from the Julliad School for Piano Performance. He has performed in Europe, Asia, South America, and the United States.

Zsuzsanna Bodas teaches at the Zoltan Kodaly and Leo Weiner Conservatories in Budapest and is a featured soloist in Leizpig, Salzburg, and Gyula.

David Cannata is an organist, pianist, and lecturer on 19th Century Traditions of pianists, composers, and conductors. He teaches at the Esther Boyer College of Music and Dance at Temple University.

Gabriel Dobner is considered as the “master of Lieder Pianists” and is a member of the American Lizst Society’s Board of Directors.

He is invited to perform at Paris by Adam Wimbrowski

He is invited to perform at Paris by Adam Wimbrowski, an internationally acclaimed piano educator from Paris Conservatory

Alexandre Dossin has 15 CDs released worldwide, including 2 all Lizst CDs and has performed in numerous recitals in over 20 countries.

Gila Goldstien has given master classes in the USA, Asia, and Israel and has been a collaborative pianist throughout the United States, Europe, Canada, Mexico, China, Philippines, and Israel.

Stephan Moller has performed in Japan, China, North and South America and is the president of the Vienna International Pianists Association.

Thomas Otten made his debut at age seventeen with the National Symphony Orchestra at the John F. Kennedy Center and has been on the faculties of Saarburger Serenaden International Music Festival (Germany)

Edward Rath is a Steinway Artist and for 22 years was the administrative director of the Classical Music Festival at the Esterhazy Palace in Einsenstadlt, Austria

Aldric Future City

Aldric is the future!

Nancy Roldan is the founder and director of the Lizst-Garrison Festival and International Competition and is a recitalist, collaborative artist, and soloist.

Emese Tokes is the principal teacher of piano at the Leo Weiner Academy of Music in Budapest and has acquired her Performing Arist and Teaching Diplomas from the Licee de Muisque in Marosvararhely at the George Ensecu Academy.

Peter Toth has performed in Japan, South Korea, Peru, Costa Rica, China, Austrailia, and the United States and has studied at the Liszt Academy in Budapest.

James Walker is a nationally recognized conductor and concert organist and his solo recitals are broadcast on the national Public Radio.

Adam Wimbrowski taught master classes at major univerisities in USA, Canda, Australia, Japan, Vietnam, Italy, and China and has won 1st Place in the National Chopin Competition in Poland.

Aldric Planet 1

and Aldric is on top of the world.

For more information, head onto: http://www.lisztcompetition.com/

Little Chopin is SUPER PROUD of Aldric Gozon’s achievement. This is phenomenal! He continues to inspire pianists all around the studio to dream big and win big! Thank you so much, Aldric Gozon!



On Matt Riley!





Aldric Gozon is being featured on Matt Riley’s website himself! Matt Riley is the arranger of the Carol of the Bells / God Rests Ye Merry Gentlemen transcription performed in our Christmas Recital of 2014!!

Check out his website at: http://www.mattrileymusic.com/


All of us here at Little Chopin would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

In order to celebrate the holidays, we will be closed the following days:

Wednesday, December 24th – Closed for Christmas Eve
Thursday, December 25th – Closed for Christmas Day

Wednesday, December 31st – Closed for New Years Eve
Thursday, January 1st – Closed for New Years Day

Now, please enjoy a performance of Carol of the Bells by Aldric Gozon, who recently won 1st place in this years Franz Liszt international competition:



WHOA. We are DONE. We are DONE. We are done with all 10 programs of this year’s Christmas recital of 2014. That’s the most we’ve done in the HISTORY of Little Chopin and it was a blast!!! So many good performances, so many trophies, and so many memorable moments with family, friends, and teachers! Take your well needed breaks, you all deserved it!

Pictures from the awards ceremonies have been posted to the 2014 Christmas Recital album.

Remember: We are off on…
Christmas Eve (Wednesday the 24th),
Christmas (Thursday the 25th)
New Year’s Eve (Wednesday the 31st)
New Years (Thursday the 1st) 

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Our trophies! Photo credits go to a friend of Little Chopin

The Final Christmas Recital schedule has been posted. We have to send the programs off to the printer, so there will be no further changes. Thank you for your patience!

We have a shortage of Lights and Sound Technicians! It is an honor to operate the lights and sound and you’ll become an ESSENTIAL PART of our recital! The duties are really simple but we expect you to do your best and be as attentive as possible. If you are responsible, you can do it! Please sign up for any of the times on Saturday 6th, 13th, and Sundays 7th and 14th during 12PM, 3PM, or 6PM. We’ll teach you the ropes (this Thursday from 3-5PM or Friday after 3PM) and send you on your way to becoming a vital member of our recitals. Until then, we’ll see you there!

The Christmas Recital schedule has been updated. There may be further changes, so we’ll let you know when the final schedule has been posted.

Master of Ceremony!

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Those of you who have signed up to be a “Master of Ceremony” are REQUIRED to report to the Chopin Performance Hall from 3-5 PM! You will receive personal training by our principal, Molly Nguyen. We will have the English Script and the Vietnamese Script prepared for you! Come on in and get some practice before our big day!