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  • We’ve opened sign-up for the upcoming Performance Evaluation on June 2nd and 3rd

Halloween Recital Photos

  • The schedule for our upcoming Halloween Recital has been finalized.
  • The National Guild schedule was updated on Monday, July 24th.
  • We’ve made additional last minute changes.
  • Little Chopin Piano School is expanding and hiring! We are looking for enthusiastic and talented piano instructors.

National Guild 2010 Results Posted


Congratulations to our national guild participants. All of our performers have received grades of Excellent Plus or higher! 8)

Here’s the breakdown:

Superior Plus : 31% ( A+ equivalent )
Superior : 55% ( A equivalent)
Superior Minus: 10% ( A- equivalent)
Excellent Plus: 4% ( B+ equivalent)

Please follow this link to view the full list.

Congratulations everybody! 🙂