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The moment you’ve all been waiting for!

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The moment you’ve all been waiting for…is…NOW!

Yes! The primary event of the year, with all of its ever growing anticipation and glory, has come to you now, in the darkest of times. The whole lot of Little Chopin Students have been preparing for the Certificate of Merit (CM) audition, with classical songs…and classical songs…and classical songs… You know, the songs which do a bunch of scales and trills. The ones that just change keys after pages and pages and stuff. Classical stuff. Yup.

You like?

Slap it! Give it a back hand slap with your recital piece! Blow it away with the amazing piece you’ve chosen for this Christmas Recital. Finally! A chance to show your skill and your fervor in a song that YOU get to choose (If your teacher isn’t Molly…), for family and friends, for teachers and lovers! Serenade them, serenade everyone, everyone you can think of…maybe except those annoying babies that keep crying during these recitals.

And so the students of Little Chopin have come together once more in a vast display of songs from different cultures, different time periods, songs of old and new, songs of vibrancy and sorrow! Get ready! The deadline has already past! November 30th was your deadline to pay $40 for food, for fun, for medals, for glory, for songs you never get to play, and pictures! Well, if you missed it, you can now pay the extra $10 late fee to get in. Yes, you love pictures! But…you’ll need formal wear, so don’t be thinking you’ll get ALL the guys with those skimpy clothes, ladies! Remember, the less you reveal, the more they can wonder… *wink wink* (That’s Emma Watson for you!) Ladies need a dress that goes below the knees, formal shoes, and hair tied behind the back. Gentlemen, you know the deal: Dress shirt, tie, suit, pants, formal shoes. No Converses, Vans, Sneakers, or any form of Sport shoes, Life style shoes, no! Make them formal!

Okay? 🙂

Anyways, before the recital, we’re going to need some help shifting stuff around, cleaning pianos, moving chairs, sofas, plants, tables, organizing papers and all that good stuff. Get your community service hours and come! It’s on the Friday right before the recital (the 16th of December), but you can leave whenever you want (just don’t all leave at the same time… :-() Plus there’s food. And people. Yum-I mean-Yes. Yes.

After that day is the recital, and if you want even MORE service hours, there will be some positions open for two people at each program to usher, monitor the door, hand out the certificates, medals, and trophies!

NOW GO FORTH! Win those trophies!!!

PS: LCP will be closing from December 24th through January 2nd. A great break after all that work (you shouldn’t get one if you didn’t work! Of course… but that’s just how it is.) Also, lesson days on the 17th and 18th will be rescheduled for a later date; those are the recital days.

The above was written by Tedman Nguyen, our senior pianist and writer. Little Chopin Piano is not responsible for any loss or injury from reading the above post. (Just kidding. Maybe.)