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The Golden Sheet Among Other Announcements

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“Have any of you any golden yellow sheets around the studio? I’m sure my teacher gave one to me…but I can’t say I have it anymore. Well I didn’t lose it, because I’m not the irresponsible teenage student who doesn’t do theory homework or practice just once a week for half an hour …but I just can’t find it. Seriously.

Why don’t I just grab one from the office? I heard it’s pretty important. All I have to do is make sure Molly isn’t there to catch me for not having the sheet and everything will be dandy. I mean she’s nice and all, but you know…she has her moments.

I’ll be right back.”


It is rather unfortunate that I must take it upon myself to announce that our previous writer will be with us no longer. As such the passage above has been submitted in his honor. Let it be known that although he was fool hardy and lazy, he was a brave, courageous soul. Bless his heart. He didn’t stand a chance.

Speaking of which, unlike him, I do hope that all of you have received a golden yellow sheet by the end of this week. If you’ve lost it, I cannot say that you will fare any better than our previous writer. But perhaps the smarter thing to do would have been to ask your teacher about it. Unless your teacher was mad at you too. Or if her name starts with M and has two syllables.

Anyways, that golden ticket err sheet, is your ticket to perform in this year’s recital.
You mean the recital that occurs only once a year?
Yes that one.
Oh goodness gracious! Is it going to be a Christmas one like last year?
No, why on earth would we do that?
Perhaps it’s the Lunar New Year Recital?
Not even that!
Oh it cannot be! I dare not ask, I dare not! Can it be…? No?
Yes it is!
Not the recital theme that hasn’t been done in four lengthy years? Not the most awesome, fantastic, spectacular, rambunctious one of them all? Oh it cannot be!
Yes it can, and it is!
Holy mother of seven kids. This is mass madness, this is SPAR—
I forgot the lyrics. Darn.

But what YOU won’t forget is that the recital is going to be on October 27th and 28th. There’s going to be 4 programs on each day starting at 9AM, 12PM, 3PM, and 6PM. And yes, you WILL have a costume on that day. What’s the point of performing at a Halloween recital if you’re not wearing something shiny! Something scary! Something ridiculously funny! Whatever you wear, don’t wear the stuff you wear to workshops, or the National Guild Auditions, or even the ones to CM because I assure those will be dreadfully plain! It’s not that hard. Rush to the nearest store and grab something.

And so you will arrive, and there will be medals and prizes, glorious trophies, glorious food. A glorious time! To impress your peers with songs you’ve always wanted to play, songs you’ve seen on YouTube but never had time to play, songs that are much better than that mind numbing, mundane, classical song! Pick your pieces, take your pick! Revel in their epicness! Make them awesome!

But do you know what utterly burns me with the furious and passionate anger of ten thousand searing white hot suns? A sleeping audience! A snoring audience! A drunken audience! Refrain from luring them to sleep with slow sappy songs, Molly forbid!

All of this will be recorded on a glorious DVD, unlike like last year! For I am happy to announce that we have a new videographer! In the new Little Chopin Performing Arts Center!

As with any recital, there will be dates beforehand for pictures. The dates are yet to be determined, but when they are, mark them on your calendars, don’t forget them!

Ever wanted to be a MASTER OF CEREMONY? Impress girls with your seductive voice? Sign up sheets for English and Vietnamese speakers will be available along with an option to be a door monitor! We need YOU! We also need you a day before the recital because we’ll need to move the furniture, organize the awards, and other things! For doing all of this, you will get community service hours! Meet people you’ve never seen before! So many things to see, people to do!

And yes children…at the recital there will be candy. I will be there to smile at you creepily while you take them.

Written by Tedman Nguyen, our senior pianist and writer extraordinaire.

National Guild 2012 Results

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Congratulations to our national guild participants. All of our performers have received grades of Excellent Plus or higher!

Here’s the breakdown:

Superior Plus : 24% ( A+ equivalent )
Superior : 69% ( A equivalent)
Superior Minus: 7% ( A- equivalent)
Excellent Plus: .36% ( B+ equivalent)

Please follow this link to view the full list.

Congratulations everybody!

How To Calculate Your Pupils Current Rating in Guild Auditions:

The numbers of C and A Checks on a pupil’s report card will determine his/her current years rating in the National Piano Playing Auditions, as follows:

Family Circle Current Rating

means the pupil’s preparation shows he/she is not yet ready to appear in public, but that they should find pleasure in playing the piano daily, trying always to improve their technical facilities as the golfer does his/her stroke so as to be able to please a wider audience, outside his/her family group; More A than C Checks. Fair.

Room Circle Current Rating

means the pupil’s preparation shows he/she is prepared to appear before his fellows in his room at school, who, being held for the most part, unaccomplished in music, are therefore not critical; 1 to 6 more C’s than A’s. Good to Good Plus.

School Circle Current Rating

means the pupil’s preparation shows he is prepared to the extent that he could creditably represent his school or club in a musical program at his school. 7 to 10 more C’s than A’s. Excellent to Excellent Plus.

Citywide Circle Current Rating

means the pupil’s preparation shows his/her playing sufficiently polished or outstanding to make him a possible selectee to represent his school in a citywide or countywide concert. 11 to 27 more C’s than A’s. Excellent Plus to Superior.

Top-Talent Circle Current Rating

means the pupil’s preparation shows he/she is adequately equipped musically and technically to appear before any audience anywhere, even though newspaper critics may be in the audience to herald his/her faults and virtues to the world. 28 (or more) more C’s than A’s. Superior Plus.