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Final post of 2012

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As the last post of the year, I want to take all you back to LAST YEAR’S Little Chopin recital…No I won’t be using the recording from last year’s DVD…for obvious reasons.

Presenting Tien T. and Tedman N., duet partners since 2011

And now in 2012!

Making mistakes since 2011 I see…


Merry Christmas!

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Merry Christmas to all of you at Little Chopin! I hope today was a restful break from pianoing and there were presents galore! Don’t forget who gave them to you though (: They’re the ones that make the difference. If you were hoping to receive someone’s heart though… tough luck there buddy. Here’s a bittersweet song for all you singles out there in Christmas


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Hullo everyone! Still alive I see?
We are having a Christmas Recital tomorrow!!! 3 Days before Christmas. It will start at 4 PM and WILL have your favorite Christmas songs. Please attend, there will be refreshments, as always (:

Schedule for Christmas Concert posted

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Happy Holidays! We’ve posted the schedule for our Christmas concert. As a reminder, students will need to arrive 30 minutes before their scheduled performance time to check-in. Thanks everybody!

A Special Submission

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Hello fellow Little Chopin Students. It is Thursday 12-20-12, and five days till Christmas! I now would like to present to you an early Christmas present from one of our students to the school. Here is his compilation the videos he has recorded that has taken place either in the school or around the school. For parents who want to know what it is actually like to be a Little Chopin pianist, here is a small glimpse into that path.

Seven Days Till Christmas!

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There is only a week left till Christmas. Are all of you ready to give presents? Or are you just ready to receive presents? Tsk tsk! Well here’s an early Christmas present… it is the pumped up version of Carol of the Bells! By the Trans-Siberian Orchestra – which is known for it’s mixture of classical, orchestrated, as well as more modern elements such as heavy metal or just rock! Absolutely dashing!

Many of you already know this folk song. What many people don’t know, however, is that it originated from the Ukrainian folk song called “Shchedryk,” which was a song written to actually celebrate New Years’ Eve. When adapted, the lyrics were changed and became a large part of the spirit of Christmas.