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  •             We don’t know how many years each of you have been here, some years, some just a few months, but we have no doubt that almost all of you guys have laid your eyes on some cute girl playing the piano. That’s right, we can tell. Maybe it’s that shy look on her face before while she’s doing theory in a corner, or maybe it’s the way that she tickles the piano keys during the workshop. And you think to yourself, “Wow. What’s her Facebook account?”
  •            Or maybe you’re a girl and you’ve met some really funny guy, dresses nicely, who actually has nice hair, and whose smiles are such a charmer! But when he gets on that piano, you see the way his fingers just roll up and down and your heart just melts. You think to yourself, “If only I could play a duet with him, a DUET; we’d have to get to know each other, understand each other so much maybe he’ll be my boyfriend—!”
  •           Wait a second there! A duet did you say? Listen, a duet is two people playing on the same piano, but a duo! That’s when two people are playing on two different pianos!
  •          “Oh! What do I choose? Decisions, decisions…”
  •           Don’t despair! Wait till I tell you that regardless of whether it’s a duet or a duo, these ensemble competitions are usually easier to win! That’s right! He’ll be your boyfriend, and you’ll get the money!
  •           “Money? I like money! I love shopping!
  •           Oh tell us something we don’t know! Here’s another tidbit! It’ll look good for college! If you win an ENSEMBLE competition, you can put that in your record and you’ll stand out amongst the crowd.
  •         “OH! Where do I start? I’ve never been in a competition!!”
  • Then this is your lucky day! There are actually not one, but TWO coming up: the Annual Piano Ensemble competition sponsored by Fullerton College and MTAC Orange Branch (in late January or late February) and Southwestern Youth Music Festival (SYMF) in late July – early August at Cal State Long Beach.
  •          “This is like, SO COOL, oh, there must be a catch!”
  • You’re right, there is! Quite perceptive for a shopaholic! This is the catch: for the competition sponsored by Fullerton College and MTAC, you have to do two pieces. One of your choice and another from a list! For SYMF, no catch! All levels and ages are welcome. Quite the easy one, actually.
  •        “I’m going to faint! Hold me!”
  • Oh goodness, are duets really that awesome? Of course they are! Come with me, we must tell your teacher or Molly at once, so eager you are!