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Media Update for May 2013

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Hi! We’ve added 13 videos from our recent Piano Ensemble Festival to the 2013 Videos album.

National Guild Sign ups — DEADLINE!

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DO NOT FORGET! The deadline for signing up for the national guild auditions is THIS SATURDAY. After there will be an extra fee and a lot of hassle for our staff. Please turn your red sheets on time or miss out! Again it is this Saturday June 1st!

Schedule for Video Game and Anime Concert posted

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Hi everyone! We’ve posted the schedule for our Video Game & Anime concert.

UPDATE: The schedule has been finalized. Thank you for your patience! As a reminder, students must arrive 30 minutes before their scheduled playing time for check-in and rehearsal.

Rain, Rain, Rain!

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THE RAIN’S COMING ALONG GUYS! How many composers do you know have written pieces on the rain? It is certainly a miracle of this world and has generated a multitude of reactions for its human beings on earth. The two composers that come to my mind are George Winston and Ryuchi Sakamoto, who both composed pieces called “Rain.”
George Winston does a really nice job with this piece. And so does Sakamoto! But their differences are apparent. Sakamoto focuses more on the “pouding” and moving rhythm that flows horizontally across the sheet, despite all the vertical chords! Winston’s on the other hand is very calming, but becomes very chaotic and complex towards the middle half, probably alluding to the rapid and random scatter of rain. This could be affected by a variety of things–such as location, culture, and perspective. ¬†How would you write a piece if you wanted to capture the rain?! Have fun!

Here are their “Rain” Pieces!