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Recital Preparations for September 28th and 29th, 2013

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Recital Preparations for September 2013

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September 2013 Update!

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Hello Little Chopin Pianists! We have a lot of updates coming up this month, so listen up!

First off I would like to congratulate Miss Shelomi Oh, a teacher here at Little Chopin, for having the highest number of student performance evaluations and because they received the highest grades. Thank you Miss Shelomi! Workshops are a fundamental part of Little Chopin as it builds confidence and musicianship. It also creates an environment appropriate for many auditions and competitions. So if you want to be a well rounded musician, sign up! In fact there are spaces available, in order to prepare you for the next recital

The dates for these performance evaluations will fall on September 21st, 22nd, 28th, and 29th. These performance evaluations are mandatory in order to attend the Music Wonderland recital. If you want to perform, you’ve got to show us you mean it!

But don’t forget to sign up for the actual recital. We’ve passed out a pink sign up form that needs to be filled out as we need to know the title of your piece, its composer, and many other details. The deadline for this is September  15th 2013. If you don’t get it in time, you will not be able to perform, period! Nor will you get handsome/beautiful pictures of you taken at the piano. You’ll miss out on impressing your family members with it, your significant other with it, yourself with it! TURN IT IN TODAY!

Speaking of the photo shoot, it will fall on October 12th-13th, which are on a Saturday and a Sunday respectively. If you miss this date, there will be no make-ups! And those who are not performing in the recital, WILL NOT get to attend this photo shoot. Those who attend have paid. Thank you.

My final reminder is that there are two upcoming competitions coming up. If you are level 3 and above, sign up at the office windows to compete in Fullerton College and the MTAC piano ensemble (yes grab a date!). Good luck!

Media Update for September 2013

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Good news! We’ve upgraded the gallery video player to support HTML5 as well as Flash. You can now watch the videos on your smartphone and tablet!

10 videos have been added to the 2013 Videos album.

161 photos have been added to the 2013 Submitted Photos album. Thank you for sharing your photos with us!