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Happy Thanksgiving

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All of here at Little Chopin Piano School would like to wish everyone a happy and safe Thanksgiving!

As a reminder, our school will be closed today. We will be open on Friday, November 29th.

We’ve recently updated our gallery. There’s some new videos in the 2013 Videos album, and new photos in the 2013 Wonderland Recital album.

With the recital over….

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We are back on our track of completing those CM tests……Awesome?
But there are still some recital goodies left over! Remember how you guys had a photo shoot the week before? If you haven’t picked them up already, you should! The DVDs are here as well, which is amazing because they normally take four months. But with the help of our light and sound interns during the recitals, our random tech guy William was able to fish them out super quickly and edit them on the spot.

So here they are, come to the office (or ask your teacher)!

However, one of the videos that was videos that was presented during the Senior Recital (made by one of our students) is finally uploaded to youtube. It’s an exclusive interview of teachers and students that was filmed the day BEFORE the recital sometime in August, and was made by one of our students.