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Job Opening Notice

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Job Title: Lead Music Teacher

Job responsibilities:
Teach music theory, performance, and notes reading; compile customized teaching plan and materials for theory lessons; prepare students for music competitions, open examinations such as National Guild Piano Auditions, Certificate of Merit and ABRSM piano grade level testing, monthly piano performance evaluation, and annual recitals; prepare customized piano and theory lessons for students with special learning needs; supervise and demonstrate for junior teachers.

The Requirements of the position are:
Master’s degree or its foreign equivalency in Music, Music Studies or Piano Performance.

Work Schedule:
Full Time (40 hours per week)

You can send your resume to jobs@littlechopin.org or our mailing address:
Little Chopin Music School
10872 Westminster Ave., Suite 222
Garden Grove, CA 92843

Goodbye! Sayōnara! Zàijiàn!

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Lana with some of her students

It is with a heavy heart that we at Little Chopin must announce the departure of one of our most diligent teachers in our Music Theory Department–Lana Lui. Lana Lui has been working with us for six long years (since 2008) and has climbed her way to become Head of our Music Theory Department. Along the way she has graced many of us with her wisdom, enthusiasm, and her will to improve our school. Six years doesn’t sound like a lot, but it was an important chapter for our staff and especially our students who have grown up with her, some of which have been taught under her every step of the way.


And more of her students


Last year’s recital! Halloween 2012

Christmas Recital 2011

October 2011

Back in 2008. We’ll definitely DEFINITELY miss you!


In her place will be Khanh P Nguyen who has also been part of the theory department for five years. While Lana’s footprints are large to fill, we have no doubt that Khanh Nguyen will be able to step up to the challenge! Congratulations to her for being our next Music Theory Supervisor. We wish her good luck.

These changes will resume when school begins again on January the 2nd. As one story ends, another one begins! Have a nice break!



Christmas Recital Schedule

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We are still working on the schedule for our Christmas Recital this weekend, and should have it posted soon. Thank you for your patience!

UPDATE: The schedule has been finalized.

10 Days!

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10 DAYS till Christmas!! But only 5 days until our Christmas Recital on Saturday and 6 days until our Sunday program!! Both will be from 4:30-5:30 PM. Do not forget that we will have a break from the 24th on Tuesday and will close until Wednesday January 1st. School starts on the 2nd!

Also, don’t forget to check out this magical piano guys!:


It was posted not too long ago. But if you want to have the magic revealed to you (*spoilers!*) , you may read more at:


Another Thanksgiving?

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Even with the passing with Thanksgiving, We at Little Chopin would like to give another thanks to a special group of parents, again! These parents donated money to the Music Wonderland Recital so that the reward money can be given to students with top scores on their National Guild Auditions. Scores were decided on the percentage of C’s (Special Commendation) and A’s (Needs Attention), and 12 of the highest scoring students were given $20! All students who scored above 30 C’s were given $10. This is an act that truly deserves recognition and we were honored to receive such a gift! Thank you! It was like a early Christmas preset to Little Chopin Piano School.

Speaking of Christmas, keep your eyes peeled for the Christmas Recital! We will have advanced players, and a special medley done by multiple students! Stay tuned.