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Ever since LCP has gotten its grand Auditorium, our Principal has been hosting more recitals than ever before. Starting with Halloween, then Christmas, then Lunar New Year, Family Recital, Open House Recital, Senior Recital, recital, recital, recital, all in ten months! As a frequent performer in these recitals I feel like I’m going insane! I even had to resort to pulling out pieces I’ve learned by myself. But the thing is, most of those were small recitals that didn’t exhibit most of our performers. Those small recitals were ones that only had one program. But the grand one is coming up.  Two days – 8 large programs. It’s been a while since we’ve had those, but it is almost around the corner and will take two weekends (to put less stress on our teachers) from 10-4 PM. 

What’s the theme? Despite it falling into the dates October 19th, 20th, 26th, and 27th, it will not be the Halloween Recital. It originally was going to take place at the end of September, but with all the large events that took place, we decided it would be best to give the students time to prepare for this main recital.

By popular demand, the recital this year will be called MUSIC WONDERLAND! The theme will be DISNEY songs! So come dressed in as your favorite Disney princesses or princes. A costume will be mandatory,  and if it motivates you more photos will also be taken! 

As with all recitals, there will be a demand for LCP helpers! We have positions as Door Monitors, Ushers, Master of Ceremony and if you quality, you can work a part of the Lights, Camera, and the Action! Come get your community service hours, as we will hand you a proof of your generous labor at the end your shift. Do not worry, we will have Teachers to instruct you on what to do, as well as past students who have had experience in doing these jobs. The full list of the jobs are posted on the window of the main office. Sign up now before they disappear! We particularly need Vietnamese MC speakers! Please sign up if you can read Vietnamese!

Before I let you go I have a few things left to say. Despite it being Disney themed, you don’t have to play Disney songs. Many Disney songs are  a little easy…and a bit slow. So as personal advice from me, choose something that challenges you! I used to play it safe, but recitals are still events designed to help you improve. It’s a break from all the Classical pieces you’re so used to playing, and a fresh dive into pieces that you’d be interested in playing. Some of you don’t know what songs to play, and that baffles me! I don’t know because there are simply too many that I want to play! So do what you must, spend hours on Youtube looking up piano pieces, or covers of songs that you like to listen to. Develop your taste for piano music and delve into the one that invigorates you! Once you find a piece, it’ll be so worth it. But don’t choose a piece that’s too easy, even if you like it! You’ll learn it too quickly, it’ll bore you, and if you stick through it, it’ll bore the audience! Spare us of your slow generic songs like “A Time for us,” “My Heart Goes on,” “Frosty the Snowman” “Rainbow Connections,” “Canon in D,” “Love Story” “Heart and Soul” “River Flows in you” “A Whole New World” THE LIST GOES ON. UNLESS you can find a harder version or one that is less commonly heard, DON’T DO IT. That is all.

Learn it, prepare it, then perform it! You have about two months.

GO FORTH LCPianists!