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Halloween Recital Photos

  • The schedule for our upcoming Halloween Recital has been finalized.
  • We’ve opened sign-up for the upcoming Performance Evaluation on October 14th
  • The National Guild schedule was updated on Monday, July 24th.
  • We’ve made additional last minute changes.
  • Little Chopin Piano School is expanding and hiring! We are looking for enthusiastic and talented piano instructors.


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Another Thanksgiving?


Even with the passing with Thanksgiving, We at Little Chopin would like to give another thanks to a special group of parents, again! These parents donated money to the Music Wonderland Recital so that the reward money can be given to students with top scores on their National Guild Auditions. Scores were decided on the percentage of C’s (Special Commendation) and A’s (Needs Attention), and 12 of the highest scoring students were given $20! All students who scored above 30 C’s were given $10. This is an act that truly deserves recognition and we were honored to receive such a gift! Thank you! It was like a early Christmas preset to Little Chopin Piano School.

Speaking of Christmas, keep your eyes peeled for the Christmas Recital! We will have advanced players, and a special medley done by multiple students! Stay tuned.