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Don’t give up!

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.          So I woke up this morning, and I decided that even though it was really cold, I was going to hit the piano.

.           Not literally.

.           Well kind of.
.           Because I was going to say Copland’s “Cat and the Mouse.” And within two measures I have to travel across six octaves worth of piano keys—hitting notes in very fast succession. Now, I’ve been struggling on these measures for about three weeks and every time I would play them, I would miss. It sounded terrible. But I was determined. Over those measures I gained a bruise on my thumb, a cut inside my thumb because the nail bit in, and I forced to not use my thumb for a whole week.
So don’t over practice guys. Sometimes too much is too much.

.          So then the next week I started practicing every day, for half an hour to an hour on that one song. I tried all sorts of practicing methods, rhythm, staccato, everything I could possibly think of. You can get creative here—there’s no one way. Sometimes just repeating things slowly just isn’t enough. (Ask your teacher for some!)

.           But back to the story. So in that one morning, I flipped open the piano. I started the first few notes and then played those measures. Those measures I had practiced for weeks on. And it was perfect. My fingers jumped through those keys with a precision of ninja. Those weeks, those hours, they paid off. I was finally able to hit all the notes. What I felt after this cannot really be described. You’d have to find out yourself. But if I would have to say a few words, I’d say I felt pretty darn good.