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  • We’ve opened sign-up for the upcoming Performance Evaluation on April 28th and 29th

Halloween Recital Photos

  • The schedule for our upcoming Halloween Recital has been finalized.
  • The National Guild schedule was updated on Monday, July 24th.
  • We’ve made additional last minute changes.
  • Little Chopin Piano School is expanding and hiring! We are looking for enthusiastic and talented piano instructors.

Ensemble Concert….!

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A student of ours said it a few days ago when he wrote this:

“I’ve never seen such a collection of near perfect performances from our own students in our recital today. I guess it’s because almost everyone who played, competed at a ensemble festival two weeks prior and needed to be perfect if they wanted any chance of placing. And tonight showed how much those standards exceed those at our recitals.”

Yes! This was the recital of recitals. No one paused awkwardly and repeated from wherever (which is something you can’t do in an ensemble, because it is very difficult!) and it seemed almost flawless! A lot more people showed up than expected and we ran out of playlists and food!

And this is what the trophy looks like.

If you were good enough....

If you were good enough…. pretty isn’t it?