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Flying Solo–Duet/Duo Competitions Update.


It seems my post from around last year did its work. I have never seen so many duet partners at LCP swarming about on the studio in my life. You’re quite a rowdy bunch too… I guess I should hand it to you. I mean you guys did win a bunch of trophies….

BUT I’M STILL DISAPPOINTED. There’s something wrong with this! Let’s have a look.


Did you notice anything? Okay here comes the next one.



Anything? Maybe I need to show you a CORRECT example.



YES. Notice the difference? IT’S A DIFFERENT GENDER DUO/DUET TEAM. If you put a boy and a girl together, they become MEN AND WOMEN. I heard a particular thing is going on with Celine and Aldric (HM. HMMMM. HMMMMMMM). Celine is usually quiet but when you put her up Aldric, it’s like they received way too much Starbucks Coffee. AS THE RUMORS SAY….(Justkiddingyou’llhavetoseethemforyourself)

So anyways, WHERE ARE ALL THESE COUPLES? I MEAN REALLY. I mean, did not my old post show THOSE INTENTIONS?


Okay. I’m kidding. There’s nothing wrong with same sex teams.

I’ll just be here in my corner.

Waiting for some drama.

You know.


Anyways, the deal’s the same. The competition at Fullerton is coming up and you need to ready your teams. Two people, two songs, one team. One piece will be chosen from a list by your teacher, and the 2nd one will be chosen BY YOUR CHOICE (or your teacher’s still LOL but it doesn’t have to be a part of the syllabus). This one is going to be in February. As for the SYMF one, it will be here next year around this time (in July). Ask for more details on the song options at the office today.