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It’s Senior year, but is it the End for Piano?


            It’s senior year. You’re going to college next year. And this is the stage where many students of all instruments quit. You can ask your friends who don’t go here, you can ask the members of your orchestra, violinists, cellists, and yes you can ask your piano friends nearby. Chances are that they’re going to quit after their 12th grade in high school. Why is this? The general consensus is that they won’t have time for this. They need to focus all their strengths on their studies, pursue the career of their dreams, become a doctor, live the Asian dream, because it’s more important. This is the time people stop playing around with the keys or the strings and grow up. This is where they become adults and they won’t have time for little meaningless things like plucking some strings on an instrument.

   Okay, maybe it’s not that bad. Maybe that view is too twisted and too cynical. Whether it is true or not for you is up to you decide. Maybe I’m exaggerating my point so that you can see the nature of this view. But it’s possible. You can be one of these people.

     Or you could be one of those people who are more moderate. You want to continue piano, but you believe won’t have time for it.  Situations come up, you’re moving around, it’s hard to come back, whatever it may be.

    But let me tell you something, you’re the one that spent all those years honing on a skill that many revere. Not everyone can take lessons. Not everyone can pursue an art and make it beautiful. Not everyone has that capacity for music like the one you developed over the years. It is this capacity that shows you are a human being with depth, with feeling, and passion, that can expressed through sound. People know when something sounds sad, or when something sounds angry, or when something sound scary. Who created these rules? Who dictated that we will we know that it will be a sad song if it is a minor key, or that it’ll be scary when you have strange chords that don’t correspond to any key? No one did.  They are all methods that work, they are all part of the same language we human beings have that come naturally. And to harness this power, this language, is an incredible feat. You don’t even have to communicate this to others. When you play it, you can feel it too.

    So whatever situation you have, if you truly want to make it work, you’ll find a way around it. You’ll continue it. Because it’s worth it. You don’t want to lose all that. Trust me.

     Though there are several cases where some say that they’ll practice independently and this will help. Well my friend, sometimes it is just easier to do things when you’re forced to them.

   I know this by experience.