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Kyle Landry FINALLY made an improv for Howl’s moving castle.


For those of you who do not know Kyle Landry, Kyle is a 22 year old pianist, made famous by the virtuosity of his improvisations and arrangements for movies, animes, and video game music on Youtube. One of my absolutely favorite things about him is that he takes a piece and boosts its technical skill by tenfold! LITERALLY! This makes it much more fun and alluring for advanced piano students all across the world. Not only are they more interesting to listen to, he introduces different styles, chords, articulations, and so much more. To give you a small scope of what he has done, he has up to date created SEVEN arrangements of Dearly Beloved (a famous song from the game Kingdom Hearts) and ALMOST TWENTY improvisations on Canon in D, all in different styles.

And now he has done Howl’s Moving Castle.