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Left to right: Nathan Lam, Principal Molly Nguyen, Eric Phan, Mayvera Doaran (1st place, 1st place, 2nd place, respectively)


Open Chopin Waltzes:

-Megan Pham – 2nd Place Winner

Open Chopin Impromptus: –

-Mayvera Doaran – 2nd Place Winner

Qualified Solo Categories:

-Eric Phan – 1st place

-Nathan Lam – 1st place

2nd person from left to right: Megan Pham with 2nd place

TEACHERS AND STUDENTS HERE AT LCP ARE SUPER PROUD OF YOU OF ALL AS THE WINNERS IN THE 51ST SYMF COMPETITION. Just make sure you do it again next year! (-; Let’s give a recap of all the winners this year at SYMF!


Open Chopin Impromptus:

-Susan Le- 1st Place Winner

Open Chopin Nocturnes:

-Aldric Gozon-2nd Place

-Megan Pham-3rd Place Winner

Qualified Solo Chopin for age 16

-Jennifer Le, 3rd place

Open Chopin Waltzes:

-Megan Pham – 2nd Place Winner

Open Chopin Impromptus: 

-Mayvera Doaran – 2nd Place Winner

Open Solo 7 – age 11 and under:
-Aldric Gozon-2nd Place Winner
– Susan Le – 4th Place Winner

Open Duo/Duet:
Category 2 – Age 13 or under
– Aldric Gozon and Celine Tseng – 1st Place Winners
Category 4 – Age 19 or under
– Mayvera Doaran and Thinh Le – 2nd Place Winners

Qualified Duet 5:
– Travis and Andrew Luu-1st Place winners

Qualified Duet 6
– Jessica Nguyen and Jade Hoang-1st Place Winners

Qualified Duet 16
-Darius Lam and Kevin Nguyen-1st Place Winners
-Nathan Lam and Tina Nguyen-2nd Place Winners
-Minh Anh and Minh Chau Ho-4th Place Winners

Qualified Baroque 5
-Tu Trinh-1st Place Winner.

Qualified Solo Categories 1-66 in their separate categories

-Tedman Nguyen -2nd place

-Thang Tong – 2nd place

-Tu Trinh – 3rd place

-Jade Hoang – 2nd place

-Andrew Luu – 2nd place

-Darius Lam- 2nd Place,

-Fiona Vo – 4th Place

-Maggie Bui – 4th Place

-Eric Phan – 1st place

-Nathan Lam – 1st place