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Tips for CM!


At least. For those of you taking it. And for those of you who procrastinated. I’ve talked to a lot of my peers and they are just high on stress. In addition to this audition there is also the Fullerton Ensemble Competition this Saturday, which for some is on the same day of their CM test…

Well I offer you some tips a week before doomsday:

1.) Practice in moderation.
if you over practice you risk injuring yourself before the actual audition. And I promise you this can put you in an even worse situation. Set aside a certain hours each day and don’t strain yourself. Take breaks in between and take care of those fingers. (Ironically I have 3 bandaged fingers…)

2.) Play through all of your songs every day.
You want all of your songs to be the best as can be. If you’re not good in some songs, you don’t want to focus too hard on one and forget to work on the other. This brings us to the next tip.

3.) Practice your problem areas
While you should play through all your songs every day, if there are parts you MUST practice on, major flops, indescribable errors, for the love of piano focus on those and make sure you can fix it. Don’t start from the beginning, make the error, and then start over. No, focus on those areas themselves. Playing stuff you already know is just a waste of time.

4.) Get your teachers to run through your whole list of your pieces and your technique
This is your chance to make a mock audition. Pretend that you’re in the actual room and play your parts accordingly. Your teacher will know how to do this and act as judge. After, she will provide you with last minute touches and criticisms and bid you good luck.

5.) Study your practice exams for the theory test and come in for ear training
The practice exams are the closest things you can get to the actual test, so study this! Make sure you know your terms and a couple of composers from each period. Also, come in for ear training during extra hours and make sure you know what’s expected of you on the last page.

I will post on Thursday tips for when you’re in the actual room. Most of these tips are good for any other exam! As for now, good luck! Those who work hard will be rewarded.