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Missed out on the Fullerton Ensemble Festival?

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If you missed out on that very important day then I have sad news for you:

You’ll never be able to see it! HA!

That should be obvious! But what you can do is attend our very own concert. That’s right, we’re having an ensemble festival of our own. I guess you won’t be able to see monetary rewards–but you can see the pieces that our students didn’t play. At the festival they were only allowed to perform HALF of their repertoire, only one of the two songs they had to practice. That means you can now see the student’s hard work in full. That means those who were at the festival were only able to see half of the performance! Half of the awesomeness!

And the best news is that this Little Chopin Ensemble Recital is next month! It is on March 15th (saturday) of 2014 at 5:00 PM. Mark your calendars,  call your dates, this one will be cooler than last year. And last year was so close to being perfect!

See you then!

The 19th Annual Piano Ensemble Festival

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Fullerton Ensemble Festival

Purple lights and a stage.

A Bösendorfer and a Steinway.

A table of trophies and monetary rewards.


This was the night of the 19th Annual Piano Ensemble Festival, where the winners of that festival were carefully selected to perform at Fullerton College. This festival was sponsored by the Fullerton College Music Department and the Orange Branch Music Teachers Association of California. On the list were old winners and new winners, veteran players and ones that have just made their debut. But so many were our own students. In fact, ALL the teams that were sent from Little Chopin were winners. All eight teams placed and four of them won the Grand Prize. They dominated the stage, claimed their trophies, and we at Little Chopin must award them for their hard work. Ensemble festivals require teamwork from their partners, cooperation from their parents, and the coaching of our teachers. Little Chopin could not be more proud.

These are the winning teams:
In Early Intermediate: Trisha and Thanh Tong; Grace Bui-Luu and Rose Bui-Luu; Michelle Hoang and Fiona Loan Vo (Grand Prize Winners)


In Late Intermediate: Nicole Phan and Tu Trinh, Sara Tran and Katrina Tran (Grand Prize Winners)


Katrina Tran, Sara Tran, Nicole Phan, Tu Trinh.


In Advanced: Aldric Gozon and Celine Tseng (Special Judge’s Award)

Aldric Gozon and Celine Tseng


In Multiple: Jessica Nguyen, Eric Phan, Jade Hoang and Andrew Luu (Grand Prize Winners)


Eric Phan, Jessica Nguyen, Jade Hoang, Andrew Luu


In Collegiate: Tedman Nguyen and Jillvie Nguyen (Grand Prize Winners)


Jillvie Nguyen and Tedman Nguyen


These are the winning teachers:
Ting Huang, Melody Chiang, Chrisna Chung, Brit Zhao, Shoko Fukumaru, Hieu Nguyen, Hisako Michishita, and Molly Nguyen.

Most of the teachers are in the 2nd row: Chrisna Chung, Molly Nguyen, Hieu Nguyen, Melody Chiang, Hisako Michishita, Brit Zhao (excluding Tedman and Jillvie)


Congratulations! A great performance from all of you! Continue to make us proud, and we’ll be back for the 20th year!


Group picture at the end! 85% of the winners are from our studio!!


Media Update for February 2014

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We’ve recently posted some new media to our gallery.

8 new photos from the recent Christmas Concert have been posted in the 2013 Photos album.

3 new photos from our Lunar New Year Concert have been posted in the 2014 Photos album.

14 new videos have been posted in the 2014 Videos album.

CM 2014 and Tips!

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At least. For those of you taking it. And for those of you who procrastinated. I’ve talked to a lot of my peers and they are just high on stress. In addition to this audition there is also the Fullerton Ensemble Competition this Saturday, is around the same days as CM…

Well I offer you some tips as CM approaches:

1.)    Practice in moderation.
if you over practice you risk injuring yourself before the actual audition. And I promise you this can put you in an even worse situation. Set aside a certain hours each day and don’t strain yourself. Take breaks in between and take care of those fingers.

2.)    Play through all of your songs every day.

You want all of your songs to be the best as can be. If you’re not good in some songs, you don’t want to focus too hard on one and forget to work on the other. This brings us to the next tip.

3.)    Practice your problem areas

While you should play through all your songs every day, if there are parts you MUST practice on, major flops, indescribable errors, for the love of piano focus on those and make sure you can fix it. Don’t start from the beginning, make the error, and then start over. No, focus on those areas themselves. Playing stuff you already know is just a waste of time.

4.)    Get your teachers to run through your whole list of your pieces and your technique

This is your chance to make a mock audition. Pretend that you’re in the actual room and play your parts accordingly. Your teacher will know how to do this and act as judge. After, she will provide you with last minute touches and criticisms and bid you good luck.

5.)    Study your practice exams for the theory test and come in for ear training

The practice exams are the closest things you can get to the actual test, so study this! Make sure you know your terms and a couple of composers from each period. Also, come in for ear training during extra hours and make sure you know what’s expected of you on the last page.