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And Here Are The Results! The 2014 Musical Arts Competition of Orange County!



On the 21st of last month, SIX out of nine pianists that we sent to the 2014 Musical Arts of Orange County Competition have placed!!

Here are the name of the students!
Bella Dang: 1st place – category 3
Nicole Ho: 2nd place – category 4A
Travis Luu: 3rd place – category 4B
Andrew Luu: 2nd place – category 6
Eric Phan: 3rd place – category 6
Aldric Gozon: 2nd place -category 11 (cash prize)

Here are the winning teachers!
Chrisna Chung, Melody Chiang, Hisako Mishichita, Molly Nguyen

GREAT WORK EVERYONE! All of you have made Little Chopin Piano Studio proud! Keep up the good work!

ALSO don’t forget we have a rehearsal on the 15th of this Saturday at 5:00 PM! It is for the Anime / Video Game Concert on Saturday the following week also at 5:00 PM on the 21st and 22nd.