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Missed out on the Fullerton Ensemble Festival?

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If you missed out on that very important day then I have sad news for you:

You’ll never be able to see it! HA!

That should be obvious! But what you can do is attend our very own concert. That’s right, we’re having an ensemble festival of our own. I guess you won’t be able to see monetary rewards–but you can see the pieces that our students didn’t play. At the festival they were only allowed to perform HALF of their repertoire, only one of the two songs they had to practice. That means you can now see the student’s hard work in full. That means those who were at the festival were only able to see half of the performance! Half of the awesomeness!

And the best news is that this Little Chopin Ensemble Recital is next month! It is on March 15th (saturday) of 2014 at 5:00 PM. Mark your calendars,  call your dates, this one will be cooler than last year. And last year was so close to being perfect!

See you then!