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Website update! Awards and pictures


Little Chopin Piano School is updating its website! We will now post pictures of our award winning students. Please check the list to see if your child’s picture is there. At the bottom is a list of the students of whom we do not have pictures of.


If not, submit a picture fulfilling the requirements below to Tedmann@uci.edu:

1. Good profile shot of torso and up.

2. You should be wearing respectable clothes

3. Make sure you’re holding a trophy or two, maybe a medal.

4. You can have a shot with your teacher as well, but make sure that when we do crop it, we won’t be cutting off someone’s face.


Look for examples on our awards page!

Here are the student’s names:

Sean Pham

Clara Vu

Jane Huynh

Christina Kim Le

Cathy Dao

Binh-An Nguyen

Jamie Tran

Christina My Nguyen

Annie Nguyen

Andrew Tran

Hien Dao

Lillian Vu

Kayla Nguyen

Caitlyn Vo

Natalie Nguyen

Annie Nguyen

Christina Vu

Mai-Huong Ngo

Natalie Nguyen, Huy Ton, Michelle Nguyen and Uyen Vy Le

Cecilia Pham

Jennifer Dao

Jessica Nguyen
Jade Hoang
Andrew Luu
Megan Pham
Nicole Phan
Karen Vuong
Lynda Bui
Mayvera Doaran
Maggie Bui

Emily Dao
Carolyn Tran
Kacie Ta
Eric Phan
Bernice Dinh
Thinh Le
Caitlin Nguyen
Kassandra Tran
Katrina Tran
Katie Nguyehoag
Minh-Thi Nguyen
Alex Huynh