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Little Chopin and Carnegie Hall?!

Originally posted from http://www.carnegiehall.org/Information/Weill-Recital-Hall/. Head there for more details!

Originally posted from http://www.carnegiehall.org/Information/Weill-Recital-Hall/. Head there for more details!

How do those two subjects go hand in hand? You’ve heard the rumors folks, and it’s true.

This month one of our students competed in the American Protégé International Concerto Competition” of 2015, a competition that is a bit different from all the competitions you’ve read about so far. In order to compete, the contestants are not supposed to drive / fly to the location, but rather submit a video of themselves performing! Do you know what this means? Do you know this means that possibly ANYONE with a video camera and proper sound can send their video? To win in this competition, their performance not only has to be absolutely perfect, but needs to exude a quality that rockets them out the rest of the crowd.

Another noteworthy fact is that this is a “concerto” competition, where contestants are not exclusively tied to the keyboard, but some will be stroking and caressing the strings, singing with their angelic and passionate voice, or blowing soulfully through a wind instrument as well! Winners are chosen alongside other instruments—what an incredible honor!

Never has Little Chopin competed in a competition of these proportions. Never has Little Chopin been so proud. Let us announce the 2nd place winner of the 13-18 age category, who only just turned 13 around the corner, ALDRIC GOZON!

But wait! It gets even better! Upon placing, he has been invited to perform at a concert hall that is considered THE DREAM hall for any young musician to perform in. This hall has three separate performing spaces, was built in 1891 in Italian Renaissance style, and houses 3,671 seats! That’s right, this early teenager is invited to perform in Carnegie Hall, New York!
Keep shining, Aldric! You are paving the way for future pianists at Little Chopin, and represent the talent we offer here at our school.

For more information about the sepcific Hall he is performing, head here:

For more information about the Competition, head here: