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The 23rd USOMC Results are up!

Our young hero!

Our young hero!


The cries and hurrahs of the victorious LCP Fullerton team rang loud and clear, but 400 hundred miles away was ANOTHER Little Chopin team competing that same weekend: Aldric Gozon and Celine Tseng! They were on a mission to complete in the
“23rd United States Open Music Competitionon February 20th, 2015.

Make no mistake about it! This is an international level competition that people from all of the country and beyond have flown over to attend. This year there were over 1,400 contestants and 154 events to compete in, making a grand total of 2568 entries! And by “Open Music” we mean that there is no limit of what your repertoire can be. This means that the range of pieces you can choose is staggering, putting this competition onto a scale of epic proportions!

So how exactly did our team do against this frightful force of talented international musicians?!

Aldric Gozon received 1st place in the Showcase Piano Solo Category!

The shortest and the brightest!

The shortest and the brightest!

Aldric Gozon received 2nd place in the Advanced Treasury of Romantic,


And both Celine Tseng and Aldric Gozon received 3rd for Showcase Piano Duo/Ensemble!

We are so proud!

We are so proud!

We at Little Chopin are so proud of this team’s magnificent feat! What a success! We owe it to our hardworking teacher, Molly Nguyen, and the team’s supportive and loving parents.

Celine Tseng, their teacher Molly Nguyen, and Aldric Gozon

Celine Tseng, their teacher Molly Nguyen, and Aldric Gozon


To find out more information, head over to : http://www.usomc.org/
An impressive list of all the judges biographies are on the 142th page of this program! :