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Winners of Musical Arts Competition!

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Our 4 1st place winners performed at the Richard Nixon Library Foundation!

Our 4 1st place winners performed at the Richard Nixon Library Foundation!

LCP Reporting in with more good news! On Saturday, June 4th, in Long Beach, a few of our LCP pianists competed in the Musical Arts Competition of Orange County.

Since the 1940s, which is probably before your parents were born, this non-profit organization has been hosting annual competitions in the spring for pianists and vocalists. Over the years, they expanded the competition to woodwinds, strings, and even guitars.

But… we only entered for piano, because piano is obviously the best instrument.

All students were required to perform two pieces from a select group of classical piano books, depending on the category they were enrolled in. Each category was separated by a different age requirement. For example, the highest Category which is Category XI, was for age 19 and under! Which means, you could have 14 year olds compete with someone who is as old as 19 year old! For a closer look at it, check out this link.

And we did that for several. And was still able to win.

We have a total of 8 winners and 4 that received honorable mention. Not only that, we were able to get FOUR 1st place winners, whom were invited to perform at Richard Nixon Library on June 19th. That means more than HALF of our winners came out as 1st place!

Category IIIa
1st Place Winner – Breanna Nguyen

Category IIIb
1st Place Winner – Isabella Tran

Category IV
1st Place Winner – Madison Tran

Category VI
1st Place Winner – Carolyn Tran

Category VIIa
3rd Place Winner – Fiona Vo

Category IX
2nd Place Winner – Andrew Luu
Honorable Mention – Charisse Vu
Honorable Mention – Alina Trinh

Category X
3rd Place Winner – Nicole Ho

Category XI
2nd Place Winner – Aldric Gozon
Honorable Mention – Celine Tseng
Honorable Mention – Maya An Hoang

For more information on the competition: http://www.musicalartsoc.org/
More information about the Richard Nixon Library Foundation: http://nixonfoundation.org/index

Winners of the Sonata Competition!

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Hong An Hoang, Megan Pham, Susan Le, and Celine Tseng from left to right.

It’s almost the end of June and a big update is long overdue. Your Little Chopin writer has been super busy with finishing up a year of school, but now he is back with good news.

First of all we would like to announce the LCP winners of the MTNA CAPMT Sonata-Sonatina competition, which took place on May 1st in Los Angeles. (MTNA is short for Music Teachers National Association, while CAPMT is California Association of Professional Music Teachers)  All participants had to perform a standard Sonata / Sonatina from composers like Liszt, Mozart, or Khachaturian etc. by memory in front of two judges! Depending on the category, students either had to memorize one movement of the sonata, or the whole sonata! To give you an estimate about how long that could be, Beethoven’s Sonata Op. 2, No. 1 is composed of 4 movements for a total of 26 pages long! That’s an incredibly long piece to memorize! Congratulations to all of these winners. As always, we are super proud of them!

 Category I grades 1-3: 
3rd Place WinnerBella Dang

Category II grades 4-6:
Honorable mention Nicole Ho

Category III grades 7-9:
1st Place WinnerHong-An Hoang
2nd Place Winner – Megan Pham
3rd Place Winner – Susan Le
4th place WinnerCeline Tseng


NOW HIRING – PIANO TEACHERS – Full time, Part time, Paid Internships, and Substitution positions!

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Little Chopin Piano School is expanding and hiring!


As a piano teacher at Little Chopin in Orange County, you can work with a variety of students and teach them the joy of learning music. You will see them progress as musicians as you help them with auditions and even competitions. You can train their stage presence in our very own Chopin Performance Hall that houses a maximum of 150 people, in themed recitals like Halloween, Christmas, or even our Anime/Video game recitals. We’re super family friendly and allow our students to take pictures and keep DVDs of their own performances. Check out our videos and our photos to see what we’re all about.

Our staff’s spirit of teamwork and our dedication to the arts make our school the very best. You may be the right candidate if you have a thoughtful and caring approach in teaching as well as a creative and warmhearted personality. If you love music and children, and are considering teaching as a profession, come join our team.

Check out our google doc for a more detailed job description and the application process.

We look forward to meeting you!

Link to our gallery: http://www.littlechopin.com/
Our amazing competition track record: http://littlechopin.org/awards
Recently won competitions: http://littlechopin.org/2016/winners-concert-recap-with-a-bonus-oec-scholarship