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Recent change to the Summer 2016 Competition Winners’ Concert

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We wanted to let you all know that there has been a change in DATE AND TIME for this recital. 

It is now on SATURDAY, AUGUST 6TH from 4:00 – 6:00pm

Please mark your calendars. We apologize for any inconvenience and are doing our best to get ready for the show.

For more information on this concert, please click here.

Summer 2016 Competition Winners’ Concert!

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Some of our winners that will perform in the concert!

Some of our winners that will perform in the concert!


You’re invited to this concert! Free of charge!

Too many of our LCP pianists are winning piano competitions, receiving trophies, medals, and cash prizes. In the last two months, we have competed in 3 competitions and were placed in all of them.

We have 6 winners from the Sonata-Sonatina Competition that took place in Los Angeles, 7 winners (including 4 first place winners) and 4 that received honorable mention from the Musical Arts Competition that took place in Long Beach, and 3 winners from the MTAC Concerto Competition  that won a total of $700 also in Long Beach!

If we don’t do anything with all their talent, we’re going to spontaneously explode! Well I’ll tell you what we do. We do what we always do. We throw them into a concert for you all to see.

At the end of this month, on  SATURDAY, AUGUST 6TH from 4:00 – 6:00pm, all of our winners will perform their BEST winning piece. Free of charge! Light refreshments will be served afterwards, as always! If you missed them during their actual performances, here’s your chance to see them all, just in one sitting! What an honor! Come to the Summer 2016 Competition Winners’ Concert!

See you there!

MTAC Concerto Competition Winners

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Aldric Gozon, Hoang An Hoang, and Celine Tseng from left to right.

Aldric Gozon, Hoang An Hoang, and Celine Tseng from left to right.

Yes! More winners! It’s the 3rd competition we won in May and June. And this time it’s a concerto competition!

This competition took place on June 18th in Long Beach. Concerto competitions are always so exciting to talk about–piano concertos are pieces that were made to be performed with an orchestra. They’re also typically long and super fancy. So just picture one of our cute LCP pianists performing one of these pieces an entire orchestra! 

Three of our very talented students competed in this competition and all placed. For their incredible hard work and talent, they were rewarded cash prize totaling up to $700!

Category II ages 13-15: 
1st Place Winner – Aldric Gozon – $300 cash prize 
3rd Place WinnerHoang An Hong – $200 cash prize

Category III ages 16-19
3rd Place WinnerCeline Tseng – $200 cash prize

Little Chopin is super pleased! Concertos are hard to complete, never mind competing against others for it. Congratulations to the three of you!

National Guild Audition 2016

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The schedule for the 2016 National Guild Audition has been posted. We are still making adjustments so things may shift around a bit.

Update: The schedule has been finalized! Thanks for your patience.