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Christmas Recital is coming to town!

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HO HO HO! We bet some of you just can’t wait for Christmas season to come. Some of you are ALREADY listening to Christmas music, and November isn’t even over yet! We know that we can’t wait. In fact, most of our students right now are prepping up to perform Christmas pieces for the upcoming recital. This year we have TWELVE PROGRAMS full of Christmas pieces! Here’s a little chart showing what are the dates and times for all the programs!

All the programs!

All the programs!

By now your student should have already submitted a Christmas Recital 2016 form, which asks you to note FOUR POSSIBLE programs you could be in, along with information regarding the student’s piece and composer.  If you have not done so, PLEASE DO SO NOW! There will be a late fee applied.

PORTRAITS should all be taken by now as well! Portraits will be printed sometime AFTER the recital. So please be patient! They will look fantastic!

What are you waiting for? Save the date, get practicing, and invite all your loved ones to the show!

LCP Closed on Thanksgiving!

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Little Chopin will be closed this Thursday, on the 24th for Thanksgiving! You’d know what would be a great way to celebrate Thanksgiving? By listening to some Bach…. BACH BACH BACH!!! Here’s a video of one of our pianists playing a rather fast Bach piece!

Celine Tseng performing  Prelude and Fugue No.21" Johann Sebastian Bach

Celine Tseng performing Prelude and Fugue No.21″ Johann Sebastian Bach

Have a great one (:


Advancing to the next STAGE! OUR International Finalists!

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Taken from: http://usidpc.org/, the Broadmoor Hotel.

Little Chopin’s got a sweet tooth for international competitions and can’t stop.

Last month we received word about two of our stellar duo teams: Charisse Vu and Andrew Luu; Celine Tseng and Hong An Hoang. They are finalists in the United States International Duo Piano Competition (USIDPC), which boasts itself of being the “#1 duo competition in the world” (http://usidpc.org/).

This is GIGANTIC! Pianists of ALL ages can enter, whether you are 6 and under, or 18 and above playing as a professional pianist. Yet our two teams have combed through the competition and ended up being finalists in this competition.

And it gets better. Finalists are invited to perform at a Forbes Five-Star and AAA Five-Diamond Resort, the Broadmoor Colorado Springs resort hotel. It is beautiful! It is like something out of a dream. In the midst of a green lush valley and a deep blue lake, the hotel sits amongst well kept lawns and fountains and neatly trimmed pines. Inside are fancy carpets, huge love seats, curtains that hang from wall to wall, and chandeliers to make you feel like royalty.  Just go to their website, the prestige speaks for itself: http://usidpc.org/the-broadmoor/. Being able to perform here is out of this world!

But their work does not end there. Practice hard they will. Because on the days that they are there (on January 6-8, 2017), they will be competing in their respective categories to receive 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place. Can they do it? Will they win?! Stay tuned. AND CHEER THEM ON!