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Fullerton Ensemble Festival…More results?!

Trophies in the Fullerton Ensemble Festival

Trophies in the Fullerton Ensemble Festival

So we’ve mentioned Oakland. We’ve told you about how they all won and all that. Right. What about Fullerton? What about that competition that took a few days after Oakland, descending quickly upon our other LCP teams? What about that massive fest of fingers dancing and sweat inducing madness? What exactly happened?

NINE out of TEN teams we sent in placed in the circle of winners.  We have winners that placed in Early Intermediate, Intermediate, Late Intermediate, Advanced, AND the category for eight hands. In fact, two out of three of the winners for Intermediate were from LCP, and ALL the winners from the Early Intermediate category were from Little Chopin!

All of LCP's Team, with students and teachers!

All of LCP’s Team, with students and teachers!

Yet the most staggering feat of all is that MORE THAN HALF of those in the circle of winners received the grand prize and got to take home an extra trophy. (I think they should just call this competition the Little Chopin Ensemble Festival with some guests performers…)

Please welcome the winning Fullerton Teams!

Early Intermediate
Breanna Nguyen and Michelle Ho – Grand Prize Winners
Samantha Nguyen and Eric Vo
Isabella Tran and Madison Tran
Sarah Pham and Kayla Pham

Thanh Tong and Trisha Tong – Grand Prize Winners
D’ Jay Vu and Rachael Vu

Late Intermediate
Emily Nguyen and Kristine Tran – Grand Prize Winners

Katrina Ha Nhi Tran and Kassandra Vy Tran – Grand Prize Winners

For 8 Hands:
Ashley Dixon, Anthony Tran, Dayna Nguyen, & Michelle hoang- Grand Prize winners

8 Hands Grand Prize Winners

8 Hands Grand Prize Winners

winners 4 1 winners 4

winners 1 2 winners 2 2

LCP welcomes back these teams with open arms. We are filled with absolute pride! But we are willing to bet that many of you are dying to see these spectacular teams.

Because you can.