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With all the events going on right now, it’ll be sure to send you into a state of massive confusion!

Along with Lunar New Year right around the corner, and the Certificate of Merit of exams in February, we also have a cherished SIX entering an international level competition next month! That’s right. This is the United States Open Music Competition (USOMC) we are talking about!

Last year there were over 1,400 contestants. Last year we entered Aldric Gozon and Celine Tseng, who were able to win three trophies, including 1st place, 2nd place, and 3rd place in Showcase Piano Solo, Advanced Treasury of Romantic, and Showcase Piano Duo/Ensemble respectively!

This year we have selected our noble steeds–An Hoang, Charisse Vu, Andrew Luu, Carolyn Tran, Nicole Ho and Bella Dang. We are proud of them for participating, and we wish them the best of luck! Let’s give them a big cheer every time we see them, all right?! GO LCP!