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Lunar New Year Recital!


Welcome back from your winter Recess. Can you believe it? It’s already 2016! A year has come and gone and Little Chopin has held multiple concerts, won over 80 trophies, and are now spiraling into our massive annual recital to welcome the start of a new year.

The Recital:
That’s right, the theme of this recital will be Lunar New Year! ALL students are eligible and encouraged to participate in this once a year recital that spans over FIVE DAYS: January 23,24, 30, 31 and February 6. That’s three Saturdays and two Sundays–our longest recital yet!

There will be two programs on each day (for a total of 10 programs). The first program will start at 3 PM and the second program will start at 6 PM on each day.

Recital Participants are required to wear traditional attire (depending on their culture) or risk not eligible for our Trophy selection! Perhaps there might even be a special trophy awarded to best dress?! Be prepared.

In order to participate in this recital, make sure you have turned in your recital fee. Fees go towards professional pictures for your students, a copy of the recital DVD, and food that will be served after the performance.

Professional Photos:
All recital participants (and ONLY recital participants) will be given the opportunity to have professional pictures taken in our Chopin Performing Arts Concert Hall. In order to successfully and conveniently, receive your pictures, YOU MUST

  1. Sign up at a for a time in front of the office at the window. 
  2. Show up at least FIFTEEN minutes BEFORE your sign up time, so that you may be ready to called in. YOU DO NOT WANT TO RISK ARRIVING LATE because we will have to re-schedule you, either for a blank spot on the same day (that may result in 1 hour OR MORE of waiting, and if you can’t make that you’ll have to pay a fee to schedule you on another day). Trust us, you do NOT want to be that person. Arriving early helps everyone to be on time so that no one gets pushed back.
  3. Show up in attire that you to have your pictures taken in–preferably your Recital Attire–and be ready. Yes, some people show up in their school uniform and forget! Remember that this is a PROFESSIONAL photo shoot. Do not forget to get good shoes, belts, and check your hair and your cuffs.

Without further adieu, good luck fellow Little Chopin Pianists! Practice well and we’ll see you at the photo shoot and the recital.