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The United States Open Music Competition Team is back. But how did they fare?

For this year’s USOMC, we sent An Hoang, Charisse Vu, Andrew Luu, Carolyn Tran, Nicole Ho and Bella Dang. This is a much larger team compared to last year, in which we’ve only sent two LCP pianists. The odds of them losing are greater.

But fear not.

Because every single one of them has taken home at least one medal, most two or more! All teams have placed from a range of 4th to 1st place in NINE different categories, be it Classical, Romantic, Ensemble, or even Concerto. Better yet, in THREE of those categories, we received 1st place AND a cash prize each!

group oakland photo 2

USOMC Winners. From left to right: Carolyn Tran, Nicole Ho, (Molly Nguyen), Hong-An Hoang, Charisse Vu, Andrew Luu

How could things possibly get better? It can. On the night of the winner’s concert, they were judged yet again. In the last, definitive, and decisive category, USOMC’s mission was to select the winner of winners, the absolute champions of champions!

And LCP did not stutter. They delivered! A single LCP team was selected out of all winning teams for best performance, and received beautiful emerald green stones.

Awarded to Charisse Vu and Andrew Luu for Best Performance

Awarded to Charisse Vu and Andrew Luu for Best Performance

Here is the complete list of Oakland winners:

Nicole Ho
1st place – Open Solo 6B – Classical – GRAND PRIZE WINNER
1st place – Showcase Piano Duo/Ensemble Junior – GRAND PRIZE WINNER
3rd Place – The Treasury of Romantic Composers

Andrew Luu
1st Place – Showcase Piano Duo/Ensemble Senior – GRAND PRIZE WINNER & GOLD MEDALIST
2nd Place – Open Solo 6B – Classical

Charisse Vu
1st Place – Showcase Piano Duo/Ensemble Senior– GRAND PRIZE WINNER & GOLD MEDALIST
4th Place – Open Solo Romantic 6

Carolyn Tran
1st Place – Showcase Piano Duo/Ensemble Junior– GRAND PRIZE WINNER
4th Place – The Treasury of Classical Composers

Bella Dang
2nd Place – Showcase Piano Solo Preparatory

Hong An Hoang
3rd Place – Open Piano Concerto Advanced
4th Place -Treasury of Romantic Composers Advanced

The talented feat of these winners were marvelous to behold. We at LCP are proud beyond belief. Would it be possible to see these exciting performers play back in their home base, where all of us cheering fans can gather?

Yes. And you wouldn’t want to miss it.