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Halloween Recital Photos

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Presenting… The “DYNAMIC DUO!”

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Celine Tseng (left) and Aldric Gozon (right)

Celine Tseng (left) and Aldric Gozon (right)

“We started practicing together when Celine joined my piano school and our teacher Molly Nguyen put us together.”

Our two pianists are sizzling through “The Accolade,” the Sunny Hills High school’s newspaper, striking a super cool pose. Half of an entire page is dedicated to chronicling their journey through competitions together, how they met, what they learned… Our favorite quote from Celine Tseng was “Aldric helped me realize that piano is not just hitting the keys…it’s a way of expressing feelings, [bonding] with one another [and going] through happy…or…horrible times.”

They deserve it! Both of these pianists have been with us for more than seven years and we are proud to be with them, every step of the way.