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WHOA! The 22nd Fullerton Ensemble Festival Results!

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In just a span of a month, we’ve received word from so many competitions. So buckle up your seat-belts! Here’s the first competition to be reported!

Every year, around February, we send our marvelous duet/duo/ensemble teams to the 22nd Fullerton Ensemble Festival. And every year, we always place and even score grand prize winner in some categories. This year? We’ve done it again.

The Fullerton Ensemble Festival is for multiple pianists only! No soloists–it’s all four hands and above. That’s what makes this competition so fun and in many ways challenging. All of the students below have spent hours upon hours practicing with each other, playing on time, melding together their hearts and spirits.  Below are our 7 winning teams.


22nd Fullerton Ensemble Festival Results: 

Early Intermediate Category
William Li & Ethan Nguyen – Grand Prize Winner
Tina Nguyen & Hazel -Circle of Winners

Intermediate Category
Michelle Ho & Breanna Nguyen- Circle of Winners
Ngoc -Han Nguyen & Bao- Khoi Nguyen – Circle of Winners

Late Intermediate Category
Ashley Dixon & Dayna Nguyen- Grand Prize Winners
Jessica Nguyen & Jade Hoang- Circle of Winners
Hanh Huynh & Ashley Dao – Circle of Winners

Advanced Category
Kristine Tran & Emily Nguyen – Circle of Winners


Thank you all! Continue you the great work that you do, we know that it isn’t easy. But when all your fingers come together and are in such deep synchronization–that’s when magic happens!

For the list of 2016’s win, visit: http://littlechopin.org/2016/fullerton-ensemble-festival-more-results
For more information on the Fullerton Ensemble Festival, please visit: http://music.fullcoll.edu/pianofestival/index.asp