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2018 Southwestern Youth Music Festival


Are you sitting?  No really sit down, we are not responsible for fainting, head injuries from exuberant jumping up and down, or any other mishaps that may occur from continuing to read this announcement regarding the results from the from the 2018 Southwestern Youth Music Festival held on July 21st, 22nd, 28th, 29th, and 30th at California State University Long Beach.


You were warned…Continue at your own risk!


Our number is 80!  Yes, EIGHTY that’s how many awards our students brought home from the 2018 SYMF competition.


LCP Duet Teams rocked!  Leaving little doubt, that they all play well with others!

Duet Team Results:

20 First Place Winners

6 Second Place Winners

10 Third Place Winners

6 Fourth Place Winners


LCP Solo pianists competing all by themselves.  Rest assured many also teamed with partners for Duets proving that solo artists are not anti-social.

Solo Results:

9 First Place Winners

15 Second Place Winner

7 Third Place Winners

7 Fourth Place Winners


What fantastic results!  Congratulations to all that participated in this years SYMF competition.