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An Evening with the Stars — A BIG HIT.

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“An Evening with the Stars” was a BIG hit! Stellar pianists with playing marvelous solos or fiery duo pieces. Drew Tretick gave a performance that was out of this world–performing pieces like “The Godfather,” “Romeo and Juliet,” and “Time to Say Good Bye.” Even Drew Tretick said himself, “You were right when you said that it was a concert we wouldn’t forget.”

Not to mention the cute and cheeky Master of Ceremonies–D’Jay Vu and Bella Dang had great jokes and kept the all of us laughing throughout.

THANK YOU ALL that attended. Thanks for your contribution, we are that much closer to going to London for our international win.


Tickets are flying!

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Are you ready for an Evening with the Stars?!

Our award winning pianists have been invited to Carnegie Hall, New York and Royal Albert Hall, London. They’ve performed at the Boardmoor Colorado Springs Hotel in Colorado. And they’ve been awarded scholarships and over 40 medals and trophies just this year.

We are also very excited to include the world famous violinist Drew Tretick. He will be there to sell his albums and will be hosting a meet and greet!

This simply is a night you cannot miss. Tickets are already being sold AT THE OFFICE. Please visit us at 10872 Westminster Avenue, Suite 218 to get your tickets now. Come to our office! THERE are only so many seats!

  • $20 VIP Seating – Will be able to get the best seats in the concert (The first 3 middle rows of the Chopin Performing Arts Center will be reserved for them)
  • $15 General Admission – Will be able to sit on left, middle, and right side (in any of the seats other than VIP seating)
  • $10 Children / Seniors – Will be able to sit on the left, middle, and right side (in any of the seats other than VIP seating)

“An Evening with the STARS” with DREW TRETICK!

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You’ve been waiting for it.

You’ve heard about how our young pianists emerged VICTORIOUS in some of the most challenging competitions*.

You’ve heard about how they’ve been invited to CARNEGIE HALL in New York, performed in BOARDMOOR Colorado Springs Hotel in Colorado, and invited across the country to ROYAL ALBERT HALL, in LONDON, to perform.

Trophies? Medals? Scholarship Money? They’ve been there and have done that.

And now they’re coming to Garden Grove, to our very own Chopin Performance Hall, to give a SPECTACULAR PERFORMANCE!

Little Chopin is incredibly honored to present its most anticipated concert ever:

“An Evening with the STARS”

Sunday, March 26 at 3:00PM

Little Chopin, Garden Grove, CA


In addition to our list of award winning pianists, we will have the WORLD RENOWNED DREW TRETICK performing with us! Drew has appeared on TV stations like PBS, NPR, ABC and more and recorded numerous of famous films.

Tickets will be sold at the door. All proceeds go directly to support our two Little Chopin pianists, who will perform in London, in the Royal Albert Hall. VIP seats are $20, and regular seating is $15. Tickets for seniors and kids are $10.

Come join us for an unforgettable night at Little Chopin, in “An Evening with the STARS!”

For more information please contact:

10872 Westminster Ave. Suite 218, 220, 222 & 224
Garden Grove, CA 92843


*Featuring Little Chopin winning pianists from:

1. The United States International Duo Competitionthat took place in Colorado.
2. The 22nd Fullerton Ensemble Festival in Fullerton, CA.
3. The 25th United States Open Music Competition that took place in Oakland, CA.
4. The American Protege International Concerto Competition of 2017 where winners are invited to Carnegie Hall.
5. The International Music Competition London Grand Prize Virtuoso, where winners are invited to London!

And Drew Tretick:


Presenting… The “DYNAMIC DUO!”

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Celine Tseng (left) and Aldric Gozon (right)

Celine Tseng (left) and Aldric Gozon (right)

“We started practicing together when Celine joined my piano school and our teacher Molly Nguyen put us together.”

Our two pianists are sizzling through “The Accolade,” the Sunny Hills High school’s newspaper, striking a super cool pose. Half of an entire page is dedicated to chronicling their journey through competitions together, how they met, what they learned… Our favorite quote from Celine Tseng was “Aldric helped me realize that piano is not just hitting the keys…it’s a way of expressing feelings, [bonding] with one another [and going] through happy…or…horrible times.”

They deserve it! Both of these pianists have been with us for more than seven years and we are proud to be with them, every step of the way.


Schedule up! Christmas Socks….ON!

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Click to see the schedule!


The final schedule for THE 2016 CHRISTMAS RECITAL IS UP!


Check it out to see what a great collection we have. And double check for your child’s recital date. We ask that all families come 30 minutes BEFORE their scheduled time. Students need to be checked in, seated, and ready to go!

Our first recital starts THIS SATURDAY AT 12 PM! See you there!

Note: In order to navigate from the main website, simply look at the task bar on the right side of the website, and click on “Christmas Recital Schedule.” Or you can just use the link above (-:

Summer Competition Winners Concert 2016 Schedule

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Summer 2016 Competition Winners’ Concert!

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Some of our winners that will perform in the concert!

Some of our winners that will perform in the concert!


You’re invited to this concert! Free of charge!

Too many of our LCP pianists are winning piano competitions, receiving trophies, medals, and cash prizes. In the last two months, we have competed in 3 competitions and were placed in all of them.

We have 6 winners from the Sonata-Sonatina Competition that took place in Los Angeles, 7 winners (including 4 first place winners) and 4 that received honorable mention from the Musical Arts Competition that took place in Long Beach, and 3 winners from the MTAC Concerto Competition  that won a total of $700 also in Long Beach!

If we don’t do anything with all their talent, we’re going to spontaneously explode! Well I’ll tell you what we do. We do what we always do. We throw them into a concert for you all to see.

At the end of this month, on  SATURDAY, AUGUST 6TH from 4:00 – 6:00pm, all of our winners will perform their BEST winning piece. Free of charge! Light refreshments will be served afterwards, as always! If you missed them during their actual performances, here’s your chance to see them all, just in one sitting! What an honor! Come to the Summer 2016 Competition Winners’ Concert!

See you there!

National Guild Audition 2016

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The schedule for the 2016 National Guild Audition has been posted. We are still making adjustments so things may shift around a bit.

Update: The schedule has been finalized! Thanks for your patience.

Spring Competition Winners Concert 2016 Schedule

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Winner’s Concert! March 12th!

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All of LCP's Team, with students and teachers! group oakland photoCeline Tseng

Whether it is in Fullerton or Oakland or across the world, whether it is a national competition, an ensemble festival, or an international competition, our LCP teams have emerged victorious. It is great honor then, that we welcome them all to perform back at home base, where we can show them our adoration.

All winners from the United States Open Music Competition and Fullerton Ensemble Festival  and American Protege International Concerto Competition will assemble in the Chopin Performing Hall on March 12th a 5:00PM. Everyone is invited and attendance is completely free. Free refreshments will also be served. 

In this concert you can expect no less. You can be prepared to see some of the most pristine musicianship all year. These students won trophies from panels of judges. They’ve won medals, they’ve won money, they’ve won beautiful sparkling gems and for one, an invitation to  perform in Carnegie Hall, New York.

And you will see why, from the first piece right until the final act, on Saturday, March 12th, at 5:00 PM.