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Colorado Springs was the site for the annual United States International Duo Competition held January 4th through the 5th. LCP sent a large contingent of teams this year to the cold of Colorado. But, the weather was the only thing that was cold, because our teams were hot bringing back an amazing 8 trophies. A huge congratulations to all team members and to the parents and teachers for your hard work leading up and during this competition. The young LCP pianists couldn’t do it without your support.

Our winning teams are:

Angelina Nguyen – Allison Phan, 1st Place Winner, Level II

Skyler Tran – Ashley Tran, 1st Place Winner, Level 3 (Ages 9-10)

Matthew Nguyen – Evelyn Nguyen, 2nd Place Winner, Level 3 (Ages 9-10)

Sterling Tran – Kiera Wong, 1st Place Winner, Level 4 (Ages 11-12)

Skyler Tran – Sterling Tran, 1st Place Winner, Level 8a (Siblings, Ages 6-13)

Angelina Nguyen – Matthew Nguyen, 3rd Place Winner, Level 8a (Siblings, Ages 6-13)

Skyler Tran – Vivien Nguyen, 3rd Place Winner, Level 9 (Parent and Child)

Tramy Nguyen – Angela Tran – Katelyn Vo – Sterling Tran, 2nd Place Winner, Level 10a (Quartet Ages 6-13)

Kiera Wong – Ashley Nguyen – William Li – Michelle Ho, 2nd Place Winner, Level 10b (Quartet ages 14-18)

SYMF 2019


Competition Results: Over the course of two weekends 64 of our students descended upon Cal State Long Beach competing in this years Southwestern Youth Music Festival.  Each of our students could participate in up to three categories from Solo, Duo/Duet, and Concerto.  As the event closed for another year this past Monday our 64 students brought home a staggering 92 Awards.  Congratulations to all our students, teachers, and parents for their hard work and fantastic results!

All results have been updated on the Awards page.

LCP invaded Carmel, Indiana! 17 young pianists represented LCP to compete at Carmel Klavier Piano International For Young Artists from June 26 through June 30, 2019. Together with young pianists and faculties from China, Colombia, Turkey, Canada, Mexico, South Korea, Italy, and USA, they competed for 5 intense days.

In conclusion, our LCP teams brought home 37 trophies. In Concerto Categories, where pianists performed one or more movements of a concerto, which could be over 20 minutes long, Hong An Hoang is the 1st Prize winner in Advanced B and is the overall Grand Prize winner with perfect scores from 2 out of 3 adjudicators. Ashley Dixon won 1st Prize, Bella Dang won 2nd Prize, and Rachael Vu won 3rd Prize in their respective categories. In Ensemble Categories, our youngest pianists: Angelina Nguyen, Alexander Vu, Ashley Tran, and Skyler Tran, won their first ever 1st Prize trophies. In the Duet Categories, our 3 young duet teams (Alexander Vu, Ashley Tran, Angelina Nguyen, Skyler Tran, Bella Dang, and Sterling Tran) won one 1st Prize and two 2nd Prizes. In Solo Categories, which is the toughest category and after 2 live rounds, Sterling Tran won 2nd Prize in Solo Intermediate A1.

A huge congratulations to our young pianists!!!

Grand Prize Advanced B Concerto – Hong An Hoang

1st Place Advanced B Concerto – Hong An Hoang

1st Place Intermediate B Concerto – Ashley Dixon

1st Place Elementary Ensemble – Angelina Nguyen, Skyler Tran, Ashley Tran, and Alexander Vu

1st Place Elementary Duet – Ashley Tran and Alexander Vu

2nd Place Intermediate A1 Solo – Sterling Tran

2nd Place Intermediate A Concerto – Bell Dang

2nd Place Elementary Duet – Angelina Nguyen and Skyler Tran

2nd Place Intermediate A Duet – Bella Dang and Sterling Tran

3rd Place Intermediate B Concerto – Rachael Vu

3rd Place Intermediate B Duet – Rachel Vu and Hazel Vuu

3rd Place Advanced Duet – Ashley Dixon and Elizabeth Marana

3rd Place Intermediate Ensemble – Rachel Vu and Hazel Vuu

3rd Place Advanced Ensemble – Ashley Dixon and Elizabeth Marana

Honorable Mention Intermediate Ensemble – Bella Dang, Sterling Tran, Jennifer Vu, and Tramy Nguyen

Honorable Mention Intermediate Ensemble – Michelle Ho and Breanna Nguyen

Honorable Mention Intermediate A Duet- Jennifer Vu and Katelyn Vo 

Honorable Mention Intermediate B Duet- Michelle Ho and Breanna Nguyen

Honorable Mention Intermediate B2 Solo- Hazel Vuu

Honorable Mention Advance A Concerto – Nicole Ho

Honorable Mention Intermediate A Concerto – Sterling Tran

The United States International Duo Piano Competition was held January 5 – 7 in Colorado Springs.  To say it was cold would be an understatement but what wasn’t cold were our LCP Quad and Duo teams.  They were Hot, Hot, Hot.  Four Teams – one dynamic mini-quad and three duo teams competed and returned from the competition with three First Place and one Second Place finish.

Congratulations to the United States International Duo Piano Competition 2019- WINNERS:
1st Place- Level Xa (Ages 6-13)- Quartet- Bella Dang, Jennifer Vu, Sterling Tran, and Adonis Jaison
1st Place- Sibling Duo- Level VIIIa (Ages 6-13)- Sterling Tran and Skyler Tran
1st Place- Level V (Ages 13-14)- Hazel Vuu and Rachael Vu
2nd Place- Level III (Ages 9-10)- Bella Dang and Adonis Jaison

The 2018 Lansum International Music Festival held at the Claremont Colleges in the city of Claremont, CA is a competition for musicians of Piano, Strings, Winds, Percussions, Vocals and Film Music.  Four of our teams competed in the Chamber Music Category pitting them against other musical disciplines.  Our teams came out of the heat in Claremont with two First Place and two Second Place finishes in this International Competition.  Winning teams will get the opportunity to play at the Winners Concert at the Zipper Concert Hall in Los Angeles.  Congratulations to our four hand and eight hand teams!

First Place Winners

Celine Tseng and Hong An Hoang – Piano Duet

Ashley Dixon and Travis Luu – Piano Duo

Second Place Winners

Celine Tseng, Hong An Hoang, Susan Le, and Andrew Luu – Piano Quartet

Kaycee Nguyen and Rosemary Do – Piano Duet

Are you sitting?  No really sit down, we are not responsible for fainting, head injuries from exuberant jumping up and down, or any other mishaps that may occur from continuing to read this announcement regarding the results from the from the 2018 Southwestern Youth Music Festival held on July 21st, 22nd, 28th, 29th, and 30th at California State University Long Beach.


You were warned…Continue at your own risk!


Our number is 80!  Yes, EIGHTY that’s how many awards our students brought home from the 2018 SYMF competition.


LCP Duet Teams rocked!  Leaving little doubt, that they all play well with others!

Duet Team Results:

20 First Place Winners

6 Second Place Winners

10 Third Place Winners

6 Fourth Place Winners


LCP Solo pianists competing all by themselves.  Rest assured many also teamed with partners for Duets proving that solo artists are not anti-social.

Solo Results:

9 First Place Winners

15 Second Place Winner

7 Third Place Winners

7 Fourth Place Winners


What fantastic results!  Congratulations to all that participated in this years SYMF competition.

Back in 1917 the song Back Home Again in Indiana was published.  Well, that is exactly what LCP did. Our nine pianists who made the trip to Indiana really made themselves right at home bringing home an incredible 21 trophies.  This was LCP’s first trip to the Carmel Klavier International Piano Competition held from June 27 through July 1st in Carmel, Indiana.  A huge congratulations and job well done to all nine who participated.


Our winners in alphabetical order are :

  • Andrew Luu and Nicole Ho – Second Place Winners, Intermediate Ensemble (DUO)
  • Andrew Luu and Nicole Ho – Honorable Mention, Advanced Ensemble (Duet)               
  • Ashley Dixon and Travis Luu – First Place Winners, Intermediate Ensemble (DUO)
  • Ashley Dixon and Travis Luu – Third Place Winners, Intermediate Ensemble (Duet)
  • Bella Dang – Third Place Winner, Elementary Concerto
  • Celine Tseng and Hong An Hoang – Third Place Winners, Advanced Ensemble (Duet)
  • Celine Tseng and Hong An Hoang – Honorable Mention, Advanced Ensemble (DUO)
  • Celine Tseng, Hong An Hoang, Susan Le, and Tu Trinh – Honorable Mention, Advanced Ensemble
  • Hong An Hoang – Honorable Mention, Advanced Concerto
  • Susan Le and Tu Trinh – Second Place Winners, Advanced Ensemble (DUO)
  • Susan Le – Honorable Mention, Advanced Concerto


And now for some after the competition stress relief! Don’t let anyone tell you pianists don’t have fun.


LCP descended upon Diamond Bar this past Saturday July, 14 for the annual Diamond Bar Performing Arts contest.  Nine of our own went to compete, and we are happy to announce everyone placed.  All Solo participants and Duet Teams brought home the bling.  Winners are listed below in alphabetical order.

Congratulations to these nine pianists for braving the heat out at DBPAC!

          Winners are:

               Andrew Luu and Nicole Ho– Second Place Winner Duet

               Angeline Nguyen – Second Place Winner Solo

               Ashley Dixon and Travis Luu – First Place Winner Duet

               Ashley Dixon – Second Place Winner Solo

               Dayna Nguyen – Second Place Winner Solo

               Kaycee Nguyen and Rosemary Do – Second Place Winner Duet

               Kaycee Nguyen – Third Place Winner Solo

               William Li – Third Place Winner Solo

Fun after the pressure is off!

That is right, more International winnings for Little Chopin! Congratulations to Susan and Ashley for their hard work and wonderful results from Golden Classical Music Awards International Piano Competition. Both Susan and Ashley have also been invited to perform at New York’s famed Carnegie Hall. This competition draws contestants from many countries such as China, Hungary, Canada, South Korea, Taiwan, Croatia, Spain, Italy, and the United States.

Our winners:

Susan Le – received 1st Prize in the Concerto category!

Ashley Dixon – received 2nd Prize in the Solo category!