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  • Christmas Recital Participants!
  • We strongly recommend to attend our forthcoming workshops in order to prepare for the recital!
  • We’ve opened sign-up for the upcoming Performance Evaluations on November 17th and 18th.

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  • Little Chopin Piano School is expanding and hiring! We are looking for enthusiastic and talented piano instructors.

Little Chopin Piano School is expanding and hiring!


As a piano teacher at Little Chopin in Orange County, you can work with a variety of students and teach them the joy of learning music. You will see them progress as musicians as you help them with auditions and even competitions. You can train their stage presence in our very own Chopin Performance Hall that houses a maximum of 150 people, in themed recitals like Halloween, Christmas, or even our Anime/Video game recitals. We’re super family friendly and allow our students to take pictures and keep DVDs of their own performances. Check out our videos and our photos to see what we’re all about.

Our staff’s spirit of teamwork and our dedication to the arts make our school the very best. You may be the right candidate if you have a thoughtful and caring approach in teaching as well as a creative and warmhearted personality. If you love music and children, and are considering teaching as a profession, come join our team.

Check out our google doc for a more detailed job description and the application process.

We look forward to meeting you!

Link to our gallery: http://www.littlechopin.com/
Our amazing competition track record: http://littlechopin.org/awards




“An Evening with the Stars” was a BIG hit! Stellar pianists with playing marvelous solos or fiery duo pieces. Drew Tretick gave a performance that was out of this world–performing pieces like “The Godfather,” “Romeo and Juliet,” and “Time to Say Good Bye.” Even Drew Tretick said himself, “You were right when you said that it was a concert we wouldn’t forget.”

Not to mention the cute and cheeky Master of Ceremonies–D’Jay Vu and Bella Dang had great jokes and kept the all of us laughing throughout.

THANK YOU ALL that attended. Thanks for your contribution, we are that much closer to going to London for our international win.


Want a sneak peak of the performances? Featuring some of our best performers and Drew Tretick! Our concert is THIS Sunday at 3:00 on March 26th!


Are you ready for an Evening with the Stars?!

Our award winning pianists have been invited to Carnegie Hall, New York and Royal Albert Hall, London. They’ve performed at the Boardmoor Colorado Springs Hotel in Colorado. And they’ve been awarded scholarships and over 40 medals and trophies just this year.

We are also very excited to include the world famous violinist Drew Tretick. He will be there to sell his albums and will be hosting a meet and greet!

This simply is a night you cannot miss. Tickets are already being sold AT THE OFFICE. Please visit us at 10872 Westminster Avenue, Suite 218 to get your tickets now. Come to our office! THERE are only so many seats!

  • $20 VIP Seating – Will be able to get the best seats in the concert (The first 3 middle rows of the Chopin Performing Arts Center will be reserved for them)
  • $15 General Admission – Will be able to sit on left, middle, and right side (in any of the seats other than VIP seating)
  • $10 Children / Seniors – Will be able to sit on the left, middle, and right side (in any of the seats other than VIP seating)


You’ve been waiting for it.

You’ve heard about how our young pianists emerged VICTORIOUS in some of the most challenging competitions*.

You’ve heard about how they’ve been invited to CARNEGIE HALL in New York, performed in BOARDMOOR Colorado Springs Hotel in Colorado, and invited across the country to ROYAL ALBERT HALL, in LONDON, to perform.

Trophies? Medals? Scholarship Money? They’ve been there and have done that.

And now they’re coming to Garden Grove, to our very own Chopin Performance Hall, to give a SPECTACULAR PERFORMANCE!

Little Chopin is incredibly honored to present its most anticipated concert ever:

“An Evening with the STARS”

Sunday, March 26 at 3:00PM

Little Chopin, Garden Grove, CA


In addition to our list of award winning pianists, we will have the WORLD RENOWNED DREW TRETICK performing with us! Drew has appeared on TV stations like PBS, NPR, ABC and more and recorded numerous of famous films.

Tickets will be sold at the door. All proceeds go directly to support our two Little Chopin pianists, who will perform in London, in the Royal Albert Hall. VIP seats are $20, and regular seating is $15. Tickets for seniors and kids are $10.

Come join us for an unforgettable night at Little Chopin, in “An Evening with the STARS!”

For more information please contact:

10872 Westminster Ave. Suite 218, 220, 222 & 224
Garden Grove, CA 92843


*Featuring Little Chopin winning pianists from:

1. The United States International Duo Competitionthat took place in Colorado.
2. The 22nd Fullerton Ensemble Festival in Fullerton, CA.
3. The 25th United States Open Music Competition that took place in Oakland, CA.
4. The American Protege International Concerto Competition of 2017 where winners are invited to Carnegie Hall.
5. The International Music Competition London Grand Prize Virtuoso, where winners are invited to London!

And Drew Tretick:


Fullerton? Check.
USOMC? Check.
American Protege? Check.
International Music Competition ‘London’ Grand Prize Virtuoso? Che…ck?

Celine Tseng and Hong An Hoang

Celine Tseng and Hong An Hoang

Wait, what? London?! What’s this all about?

In additional the American Protege International Concerto Competition, we entered ANOTHER INTERNATIONAL competition. For this competition, we also had to submit a video and we no doubt were competing against a multitude of different countries ALL OVER THE WORLD. In fact there were THIRTY-ONE COUNTRIES! They are: United Kingdom, Argentina, Austrailia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Costa Recia, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Germany, Italy, Kazakhastan, Latvia, Macedonia, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Serbia, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, United states, and FINALLY VIETNAM! (Because of OUR TEAM!)

Every year LCP is shooting for bigger and bigger heights. And our elite of super talented students has landed among the top of the top.

SO YES, we have placed in this year’s competition. AND YES, we have received FIRST PLACE in Chamber Music category of the International Music Competition ‘London’ Grand Prize Virtuoso! GIVE A ROUND OF APPLAUSE FOR…

Celine Tseng and Hong-An Hoang
1st Place Winner of the International Music Competition ‘London’
Grand Prize Virtuoso, in Chamber Music (multiple performers)

For winning they are INVITED TO PERFORM in Royal Albert Hall in London on APRIL 4TH. 

Note that is coming up REALLY soon! In order to go, they will need YOUR help! As two students still in high school, any monetary assistance they need is necessary.

Might I add that they are the first duo in which one person is representing VIETNAM since the competition first started?!

If you would like to show your support to these amazing students, make all of their hours of practice worth it, ANY amount of monetary assitance is very appreciated on their GoFundMe


We are VERY PROUD of them both and would like their dreams to come true.

WHOA! Remember that competition that we started entering into two years ago?
The one where one of our students entered a video performance of a concerto piece?
And that one where, if you place, you get invited to perform in New York, CARNEGIE HALL?!

The short version of the story is that in our 3rd consecutive year, we managed to place again.

The long version? Well, it wasn’t easy. Contestants from all over the world submitted a video of themselves performing. This massively expands the amount of competition you have against winning. In fact, last year’s list of competing countries included THIRTEEN COUNTRIES: U.S., Canada, United Kingdom, Austria, Germany, Greece, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Poland, China, South Korea, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand*.

But it was worth it. So worth it!

We have the utmost pleasure in announcing that our HONG-AN HOANG won 2nd PLACE and is invited to perform in WEILL RECITAL HALL IN NEW YORK!

Hong An Hoang
2nd Place Winner of the American Protégé International Concerto Competition
Category for Ages 13-18 


Hong An Hoang looking thoughtfully pleased at her most recent win.

We are blown away by the magnitude of your accomplishment. Thank you for representing LCP from all over the world!

*taken from the American Protege Website. 2017’s list of countries was not available.
Results from 2016.
Results from 2015.

Some of our winners on stage at USOMC

Some of our winners on stage at USOMC

So we did pretty awesome at Fullerton. What about in Oakland at the 25th United States Open Music Competition?!

Upping our game from last year, we had 9 LCP pianists in this competition and entered in tons of categories. This competition took place in Oakland, CA and lasted from February 20th to the 25th. We had soloists and duo-ists; people who played classical pieces, romantic pieces, or even contemporary pieces for a total of 13 different categories! And in 4 of those categories, we placed 1st place.

Some of our winners from this year's 25th USOMC!

Some of our winners from this year’s 25th USOMC!

What did they get for being so amazing?! Well… just certificates, scholarship money, medals…and even shiny crystals?! Nope. I’m not jealous at all. Not me. Maybe just a little. (People who placed are awarded a medal. However, 1st Place winners receive medals, scholarship money, and the spectacular crystals).

Our winners of this year’s 25th USOMC are:

Alina Tu Trinh
3rd Place in Treasury of Classical Composers – Advanced
4th Place in Treasury of Contemporary Composers – Advanced B

Ashley Dixon
3rd Place in Showcase Piano Duo/Ensemble Junior with Dayna Nguyen
3rd Place in Piano Duet/Ensemble Junior with Dayna Nguyen
4th place in 8c Open Solo

Bella Dang
1st Place in Open Duet Romantic Junior with D’Jay Vu – GRAND PRIZE WINNERS
1st Place in Open Duet Contemporary Junior with D’Jay Vu – GRAND PRIZE WINNERS

Carolyn Tran
1st Place in Showcase Piano Duo/Ensemble Junior with Nicole Ho – GRAND PRIZE WINNERS

D’Jay Vu
1st Place in Open Duet Romantic Junior with Bella Dang – GRAND PRIZE WINNERS
1st Place in Open Duet Contemporary Junior with Bella Dang – GRAND PRIZE WINNERS
4th place in Showcase Piano Solo Junior

Dayna Nguyen
3rd Place in Showcase Piano Duo/Ensemble with Ashley Dixon
3rd Place in Piano Duet/Ensemble Junior with Ashley Dixon

Isabella Tran
1st Place in Showcase Piano Solo – Elementary – GRAND PRIZE WINNER
2nd Place in Treasury of Classical Composers Junior
2nd Place in Showcase Piano Duo/Ensemble with Madison Tran

Madison Tran
2nd Place in Treasury of Classical composers – Intermediate
2nd Place in Treasury of Classical Composers – Intermediate C
4th place in Showcase Piano Solo – Elementary

Nicole Ho
1st Place in Showcase Piano Duo/Ensemble Junior with Carolyn Tran – GRAND PRIZE WINNERS
3rd Place in Treasury of Romantic Composers Senior

Those crystals we were talking about.

Yup. We weren’t kidding. #jealous

Nicole Ho and Carolyn Tran with our principal, Molly Nguyen!

Nicole Ho and Carolyn Tran with our principal, Molly Nguyen!

Congratulations to all of you who have won! Your brilliance has blinded us all. Stay tuned for the next year!

In just a span of a month, we’ve received word from so many competitions. So buckle up your seat-belts! Here’s the first competition to be reported!

Every year, around February, we send our marvelous duet/duo/ensemble teams to the 22nd Fullerton Ensemble Festival. And every year, we always place and even score grand prize winner in some categories. This year? We’ve done it again.

The Fullerton Ensemble Festival is for multiple pianists only! No soloists–it’s all four hands and above. That’s what makes this competition so fun and in many ways challenging. All of the students below have spent hours upon hours practicing with each other, playing on time, melding together their hearts and spirits.  Below are our 7 winning teams.


22nd Fullerton Ensemble Festival Results: 

Early Intermediate Category
William Li & Ethan Nguyen – Grand Prize Winner
Tina Nguyen & Hazel -Circle of Winners

Intermediate Category
Michelle Ho & Breanna Nguyen- Circle of Winners
Ngoc -Han Nguyen & Bao- Khoi Nguyen – Circle of Winners

Late Intermediate Category
Ashley Dixon & Dayna Nguyen- Grand Prize Winners
Jessica Nguyen & Jade Hoang- Circle of Winners
Hanh Huynh & Ashley Dao – Circle of Winners

Advanced Category
Kristine Tran & Emily Nguyen – Circle of Winners


Thank you all! Continue you the great work that you do, we know that it isn’t easy. But when all your fingers come together and are in such deep synchronization–that’s when magic happens!

For the list of 2016’s win, visit: http://littlechopin.org/2016/fullerton-ensemble-festival-more-results
For more information on the Fullerton Ensemble Festival, please visit: http://music.fullcoll.edu/pianofestival/index.asp

Our winners in all their glory, sprayed all over the marvelously detailed carpet.

Our winners in all their glory, sprayed all over the marvelously detailed carpet.


If there’s one word that could describe our most RECENT ACHIEVEMENT that would be it.

Three of our Little Chopin teams (including Carolyn Tran and Nicole Ho; Andrew Luu and Charisse Vu; and Celine Tseng and Hong An Hoang) traveled to their competition venue, a Forbes Five-Star and a AAA-Five-Diamond resort, the BOARDMOOR COLORADO SPRINGS HOTEL.

They were finalists in the UNITED STATES INTERNATIONAL DUO PIANO COMPETITION. Weaving through the competition and performing at a spectacular venue is an honor on its own.

But winning is an entirely different feat. And win they did. ALL of our teams placed in their respective categories. Little Chopin is overflowing with absolute pride and admiration for these brilliant and assiduous students. THANK YOU ALL!

The United States International Duo Piano Competition Results:

Category 4: Carolyn Tran and Nicole Ho – 2nd Place
Category 5: Andrew Andrew Luu and Charisse Vu – 3rd Place
Category 6: Celine Tseng and Hong An Hoang – 2nd Place

Top row: Hong An Hoang, Celine Tseng, Charisse Vu, and Andrew Luu.  Bottom row: Nicole Ho and Carolyn Tran

Top row: Hong An Hoang, Celine Tseng, Charisse Vu, and Andrew Luu. Bottom row: Nicole Ho and Carolyn Tran

Check out that venue!

Check out that venue!