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Saturday, August 9th, 2013

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Concert Schedule - FINAL - Updated on 8/10/2013 at 11:36am
Students must be at the recital hall 30 minutes early for check in and rehearsal. Thank you.
Aldric Gozon110 Dance of the GnomesFranz Liszt
Aldric Gozon & Celine Tseng11 Danses Andalouses, El VitoManuel Infante
Bella Dang13 Beauty and The BeastAlan Menken
Darius Lam119 Nocturne in C minor, Op. Post.Frederic Chopin
Darius Lam & Kevin Nguyen111 Spanish Dance Op. 12, No. 2Moritz Moszkowski
Eric Phan19 Sonatina Op. 20, No. 3 "Alla Polacca"Friedrich Kuhlau
Fiona Loan Vo15 Hurdy GurdyDmitri Shostakovich
Jade Hoang18 The Swallow Op. 100, No. 24Friedrich Burgmuller
Jade Hoang & Jessica Nguyen14 Shepherd's Poem Op. 43, No. 3Franz Bendel
Katie Nguyenhoag & Minh-thi Nguyen120 Sonatina Op. 156, No. 1 "Allegro Moderato"Carl Czerny
Katie Nguyenhoag & Minh-thi Nguyen125 Bagatelles Op. 47, No. 1Antonin Dvorak
Maggie Bui122 Praeludium in E MinorFelix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy
Mayvera Doaran17 Etude Op. 10, No.3Frederic Chopin
Mayvera Doaran & Thinh Le126 Paganini VariationsWitold Lutoslawski
Megan Pham123 Waltz Op. 64, No. 3Frederic Chopin
Minh Anh Ho & Minh Chau Ho114 Berceuse Op. 56, No. 1Gabriel Faure
Minh-thi Nguyen113 Song of the Gondolier Op. 109, No. 14Friedrich Burgmuller
Nathan Lam118 Prelude Op. 43, No. 1Reinhold Gliere
Nathan Lam & Tina Nguyen117 RomanceOttorino Respighi
Nicole Ho112 The Knight Errant Op. 100, No. 25Friedrich Burgmuller
Nicole Phan121 The TopCarl Nielsen
Susan Le12 Fantaisie Impromptu Op. 66Frederic Chopin
Susan Le115 Waltz Op. 64, No. 2Frederic Chopin
Tedman Nguyen124 ElegieSergei Rachmaninoff
Thanh Tong16 The Orphan Op. 28, No. 2Samuel Maykapar
Tu Trinh116 Slyphs Op. 109, No. 15Friedrich Burgmuller
Total Number of Performances: 26