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January 25th

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Concert Schedule - NOT FINAL - Updated on 1/22=5/2014 at 1:04pm
Students must be at the recital hall 30 minutes early for check in and rehearsal. Thank you.
Aldric Gozon and Celine Tseng117 Danses Andalouses: RitmoEmmanuel Infante
Ashley Dao17 Con Gio ThoangQuoc Dung
Ashley Nguyen14 Ode to JoyLudwig van Beethoven
Bella Dang and Mom116 Mong Chieu XuanNgoc Bich, Luu Nguyen
Bryan Phan115 Le Beau Danube BleuJohann Strauss
Eric Phan11 Romance (Paris Co Gi La Khong Em Op.3, No.12)Lam Phuong
Hanh Huynh112 Truc DaoTraditional
Jessica Nguyen110 Happy New YearABBA, Dang Khoa
Jessie Nguyen16 Xuan Hop MatVan Phung, Tinh Hieu
Kerry Nguyen15 Gong Xi Gong XiYoke Wong
Laura Dang18 Ve Day Nghe EmTran Quang Loc
Lauren Dang114 Mong Chieu XuanNgoc Bich, Luu Nguyen
Lindsey Sayuri Nguyen19 The TreeA.W. Friedman
Nicole Ho113 Long MeY Van
Nicole Phan111 Romance (Ban Tinh Cuoi) Op.3, No.18Ngo Thuy Mien
William Li12 Star QuestPhillip Keveren
William Ly13 Penguin Heat WaveMona Rejino
Total Number of Performances: 17