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in Awards, Competitions  •   Comments Off on BIG WINS at USOMC!

OAKLAND: the city where LCP made history! Eight of our students spent a sunny, successful week at the US Open Music Competition February 19-26, earning a record TWENTY TWO MEDALS, FOUR scholarships, and TWO gems for exceptional winners’ concert performances!

It was a long road trip, but we came prepared!

The USOMC is a diverse gathering, with one hundred and eight different events in which young stars can compete! Every event was open, which means pianists of any age could play their hearts out if they could handle the challenging repertoire! Not only did we challenge themselves, many of us even entered MULTIPLE categories. It was hard work for everyone, but the results were astounding!

Some moral support always helps!

In the Treasury categories, our contestants had to perform a piece chosen from a themed list. LCP showed off in a broad range of styles, performing hits from Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Contemporary, and Contemporary American Composers. By picking from carefully curated collections of pieces, our pianists made each performance a tribute to the greats!

T R E A S U R Y  W I N N E R S

Travis Luu

1st Place – USA Composers: Senior (Scott Joplin Pieces)

2nd Place – Classical Composers: Senior (Mozart Sonatas)


Ashley Dixon

2nd Place – Classical Composers: Advanced (Beethoven Sonatas)

3rd Place – Contemporary Composers: Senior (Rodion Schedrin)


Carolyn Tran

4th Place – Romantic Composers: Senior (Brahms Intermezzos)


Andrew Luu

1st Place – Advanced

4th Place – Romantic Composers: Advanced (Chopin Etudes)

Perfect practice makes perfect performance!

On the Showcase Duet & Duo side of the competition, our teams brought their own pieces. Our duos really stretched their fingers, showing off their uniqueness without any repertoire restrictions! Meanwhile, the Open Duet category was a fierce arena, with competitors all playing the SAME SONG! Only the most memorable, talented pianists could succeed! We put our hands together to make music both short and sweet (Junior category) and epically grand (Senior category). LCP SMASHED the rankings in these events, earning first place scholarships with TWO TEAMS!

S H O W C A S E  W I N N E R S

Travis Luu and Ashley Dixon

1st Place, PLUS Outstanding Gold Medalist Performance Gem and Scholarship – Duo: Junior

4th Place – Duet: Intermediate


Carolyn Tran and Dayna Nguyen

1st Place, PLUS Outstanding Gold Medalist Performance Gem and Scholarship – Duo: Intermediate

4th Place – Duet: Senior


Andrew Luu and Nicole Ho

2nd Place – Duo: Intermediate

O P E N   W I N N E R S

Bella Dang and Michelle Ho

4th Place – Classical Duet: Intermediate (Friedrich Kuhlau: Allegro (1st mvt) from Sonatina in G Major)


Last but not least, LCP competed in the Open and Showcase Solo categories. The Open Concerto requires the pianist to choose one of thirty-two movements. The Showcase Solos are dedicated to the best of the best performers playing any piece they choose. Medaling in this category is no small feat, and it shows exceptional talent!

Bella Dang

2nd Place – Showcase Piano Solo: Elementary

4th Place – Open Piano Concerto: Intermediate

You all put on a spectacular show and made LCP’s name known in the Northern California region!

For our rising stars, the only way is up!

Our winners and our principal after a great USOMC!

LCP Goes International at Grand Prize Virtuoso 2017!

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London, Vienna, Paris, Salzburg, Rome – sounds like the itinerary of a very special vacation. A winners’ vacation!

The Parco Della Musica in Rome, site of the GPV Winner’s Concert.

American Protégé attracts competitors the world over, but the Grand Prize Virtuoso International Competition is another step up!

I count accomplished musicians from OVER FORTY countries among the participants!

And in November 2017, LCP’s finest won not one, but TWO FIRST PRIZES at Grand Prize Virtuoso! Each of them received an invitation to GPV’s city of the year, ROME!

It was Travis Luu’s very first international competition, and he rose up to the challenge. Playing a solo piece was hard enough, but he decided to up the ante by debuting with a four-hand piece! He had to make sure his part was solid while trying not to bump elbows with another pianist at the same piano. And just who was his partner in crime?

None other than Ashley Dixon! …That name sounds familiar, almost as if I just wrote a blog post about her. She didn’t stop at American Protégé, submitting both a duo piece AND a solo piece for the International! Talk about multi-tasking!

Here were their placements and categories:

Travis Luu and Ashley Dixon,

Playing Hungarian Dance No.1 by Brahms

Piano Four Hands, Group A (12 and younger)

First Prize (over 90/100 judge score!)


Ashley Dixon,

Playing Fantasiestucke, Op. 12, No. 2 “Aufschwung” by Schumann

Junior Category (Ages 9-12)

First Prize (over 90/100 judge score!)


Despite being invited to Rome, Ashley had already made plans to perform at CARNEGIE HALL the same week! Because of this, our students couldn’t make it to the performance this year.

But maybe next year, we’ll see LCP’s young stars take the stage in VIENNA

LCP Duo WINNERS at the CAPMT Ensemble Festival!

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FINALLY SOME NEWS! The CAPMT Ensemble Festival Results!

It’s been a long time coming, but the LCP blog is back, this time with results from our duos’ FIRST EVER trip to the CAPMT Ensemble Festival.

LCP’s winners among the regional participants!

We’re no strangers to CAPMT’s competitions, having entered students in the Sonata/Sonatina and Young Concerto categories since 2012. But in 2017, Little Chopin expanded our horizons, this time relying on teamwork to bring home the day!

Three, yes, three of our very own iconic duos won FIRST PRIZE at our first CAPMT Regional Ensemble Festival last November 5th, making Little Chopin home to three of the best piano teams in Orange County!

The Next Dynamic Duo, aka Travis Luu and Ashley Dixon, wowed judges with a devilishly difficult rendition of Lutoslawski’s Paganini Variations.

Judges’ Score: 5+ (The HIGHEST that can be given!)

Meanwhile, the LCP Duo Warriors (Nicole Ho and Andrew Luu for the folks at home) battled their way to victory with Infante’s Danses Andalouses, Ritmo.

Judges’ Score: 5+

Last but not least, the Rockmaninoffs, Celine Tseng and Hong An Hoang, looked sharp as they put on a cutting-edge performance of Khachaturian’s Sabre Dance!

Judges’ Score: 5+

Our winners, from left to right:
Andrew, Nicole, Travis, Ashley, Hong An, and Celine.
Great work!

However, the journey for these power pianists is just beginning. They’ve been invited to the regional competition, CAPMT’s Southern Ensemble Festival this February 17th!!! Our duos will go up against the best pianists from each county district in Southern California!

Will LCP’s finest have what it takes to rise above the entire Southern California region? Will their team names out-cheese the competition? Stay tuned for more!